Two more months slip away


(WordPress has been wonky so it took me a WEEK to get this posted).

February turned out to be pretty busy. We got some solid work finished on the house.  The porch is now screened (thank goodness). It looks SO much better.  We need a door still but hey, improvement is improvement.

Hunter is working on a shelter for a shop. We (he) considered a lot of different routes there and even considered borrowing money to do a rent-to-own thing. But, in the end, we (he) decided to keep the container he uses now and then build a shed of sorts around that. So, he got the roof up and on and he’s used some leftover retaining wall blocks from a job to put a retaining wall in so he can get the floor level. Next will be adding more dirt, gravel and then concrete. This summer, he wants to put walls up and a door so he can close it in.  Then he’ll have a nice, dry place to work and a place to put all his tools. It’s been on our “plan” since we moved and was on the list from the other house. It’s time for him to have a place to work that is his I think. He deserves it.

In the middle of all the shop progress, we also hope to get a small coop built and get ourselves some chickens again. I’m pretty excited about that. Our plan is 8-10 layers and then 10-12 meat birds. We’re gonna do it. Try the meat birds thing. I’m a little apprehensive about it but it is worth a shot. Growing our own just makes sense.

As far as a garden, I just don’t know where we can put one so I guess I’ll take the leftovers from my family’s produce business when they have it. I do plan to put a few peppers in somewhere though and I’d love to do some green bean tepees and try a potato box. Just for the fun of it. I also need to add some new herb plants this year. I would like to figure out a nice permanent place for the perennial herbs like the rosemary, chives and more oregano. That would give me more room in my galvanized pot garden. There’s this little gully that runs the top of the backyard. It’s mostly for drainage but I am thinking that I might be able to plant along the banks of that. Or build some beds that come out from it a bit. I don’t know.

March is almost over already and we’re completely out of firewood. You’d think, being in Georgia, it would start being warmer at night but not so much. As much as I love a fire, I’m ready for spring. (And hoping we can afford a furnace so the ugly window AC units don’t have to go back in. I truly hate them. They block so much light).

Baseball has started (and t-ball) so we spend 2-4 nights a week at baseball. It’s madness and the sheer coordination astounds me. 26 ball games between March 18 and May 9.  Madness.

Life rages on. I do promise to try to get some pictures of the screened porch. I took them. I Just haven’t downloaded them from my camera yet. Who has time?!?



Just another week in paradise

This week has been tough.  I’m sure that came through loud and clear.  I can’t say that I’m not glad to see it go.

Part of my craptastic week was Wednesday. Oh Wednesday. On this glorious Wednesday, I finally kept the appointment I’d been cancelling for three months and went to the endodontist.  In late October, I had some fillings done because I have the worst teeth known to man. And I hate going to the dentist but I drag myself there every six months.  Anyway, after the fillings, it still really bothered me.  Bothered me to the point that I couldn’t eat on that side. It was all pressure related.  It didn’t hurt when I didn’t use it and it didn’t interfere with life. I just ate on the other side. They tried adjusting my feelings numerous times but nothing helped so they wanted me to see a specialist.

I knew what that meant…

Even filters can't improve my dislike of this place. Root canal is about to start. Let the crying commence. #bigfatbabyatdentist

But, I kept the appointment. And…I had to have a root canal.  Ugh.

I can’t say this is my first one. It’s my fourth and it sucks. Every time.  But this guy was a new doctor for me and he used different tools so it’s a one shot deal.  Hopefully.  In the past, I had to go back 2-3 times so they could open it up, clean it out more, repack it and re-close it.  Just a nightmare.

So, I’m sore and hurting a bit. Definitely sore.  But it should be fading pretty soon and will get back to normal.  I’ll have to get a crown in about a month.  Good times all around.

It’s dreary and rainy and this sort of luke-warm gross outside. I’m thinking the night calls for homemade pizza, popcorn and hot chocolate alongside some family movie time.  I am heartedly proclaiming Thank Goodness It’s Friday!


The reality of things

You know, over the past few years, all I thought about with blogging was how to grow, how to make it more, how to be better. And I have simply failed at it. I don’t have time. But blogging was always my release. My place to go.

Over the past two years, I’ve let people down. I’ve let things slide that I normally wouldn’t.  I’ve let things go. And I pretty much quit blogging. Because I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I’m not sure who exactly I am comparing myself to but self-confidence has never been a strong point of mine. Ever.That might be shocking, especially if you met me in real life. But I’m real good at not showing my insecurities. (Insert shoulder shrug here).

I’m not sure why I knew it was time to change my blog name, but it wasn’t time to accept that change and just be me. But I didn’t. I kept trying and saying “I’ll do this” or “I’ll do that,” but I didn’t. I didn’t write because I “didn’t know what to say” or “I didn’t have pictures,” or some other junk. I mean, who’s reading this but me at this point? It’s my journal. Mine. For me. So, that’s what it’s going to be. My place. You don’t like it, oh well. There are approximately 11 billionity other blogs you can go visit. This is mine.
I’m going to blog twice a week at least. I am. For me. Not for reviews or to tell you about what I’m doing somewhere else.  I’ll be here. Blogging for me. Journaling for me.
It is what it is. It’s just me. And I won’t worry about comments or site views or any of that.  It’s not about that. This is about me getting back to me.
I guess you can see that it was a super bad day and I’m feeling down. But if felt good to write this and writing hasn’t felt good in a long time.
Much love

Various Asundry…finding me online and new writing ventures

Well this week has NOT gone as planned.

Tuesday, Rhett was sick.  Lee and Levi were out of school. I was supposed to telework.  Yeah. It didn’t happen.

Wednesday (today), Levi has a stomach virus which I am guessing he got from Rhett. Sigh…Lee will be next, I am certain.

I want to nap.  I am tired.  I have a sinus infection which I just went to the NP to get meds for. Miserable.  I get them 2-3 times a year, almost always at the beginning of fall and spring.

I’m on a roll blogging here so I figured, since I can’t nap (oh I wish I were a napper), I thought I’d share a few things.


Are you on Pinterest?  I joined a while back and have found it to be quite fun. You have to be careful about spammy pins but so far, I’ve found a ton of ideas and a lot of great recipes.  So, if you’re on Pinterest, leave me your Pinterest name so I can find you! I’m thatcarrie on Pinterest.


Oh, about a week ago, I finally (finally) got an iPhone after about two years of talking about it…you think you’re sick of it, you should be Rose. She’s heard about it for YEARS. Just a 4 for now. Hunter will be upgrading soon and he’s going to take the 4 and hopefully, I’ll get a 4s cheaper since the 5 is coming out soon.

With that, I joined Instagram this week.  So far, two pictures.  Impressive, I know. But you can find me at thatcarriega on Instagram if you’d like.  I love, love, love the camera on this iPhone. Now if I can just figure out how to make the darn thing work half the time, I’ll be doing good.

And last but not least…

I have been writing for well over a year now at a site called Mom Prepares.  I’ve been working with these lovely ladies since the start-up and we’re growing leaps and bounds.  I write at least once a week over there.  I hope you’ll come over and join us.

(a little about us, straight from the site)

Mom Prepares is all about empowering women’s lives with the latest, most up-to-date information, and a return to the common-sense lifestyle that made this nation great.

Whether you’re preparing for disasters, or simply a more self-sufficient home, we’ve got the resources you need.

Interested in current events? We’ve got the latest and greatest headlines too!

Need help with gardening and homesteading? Mom Prepares is here to help, with how-to guides and step-by-step instructions for everything from water filtration to rocket stoves.

I believe that’s it for now!  Levi is waking up and he’ll need his snuggling.

Waiting on Winter

I find myself ready for fall and winter. Mostly winter if I’m being honest.

Stack o' quilts Image

I do this every year in the summer. The day will come when I pull out my great grandmother’s quilt (that’s been hanging on the line) and snuggle down.

Wood Stove

I look at the fireplace and think about how, soon it will heat our home. Again this winter, we’ll be heating by wood stove and electric heaters. After running the numbers and a few unexpected car repairs, we decided we could live another year without central heat. I am insisting on a heater for our bedroom this winter. Yes, I am.

But I’m ready to buy some new SmartWools because mine are officially threadbare. Seriously, if you don’t have some, get them. They are the best winter socks ever. Warm feet without sweating. Carhartt makes some nice ones too but SmartWools are my favorites. These are a little more practical looking than the picture above but I really like these too.

I’m ready for sweaters. I’m ready to shop for a new pair of jeans.


I’m ready for boots, fleece jackets, scarves(!), hot chocolate, stews, and just curling up at home.

Winter always seems to be when we turn inward. It gets dark earlier. There’s no running in and out of the house until 9pm. There’s more hanging out together inside, near the fire, doing projects. I knit more. I bake more. I sew more.

There’s pink cheeks, cold ears, crisp air and the smell of smoke in the air.

There’s the potential for snow. Oh I hope it snows this year like it did two years ago.

Every summer, I get to this point. Tuesday, the blanket came out. While Hunter laid on the couch in a sleeveless undershirt and shorts and asked me in disbelief, “are you cold?”

I’ve seen Levi wearing the cowl I made him last year.

Lee is asking to wear jeans and he wore his Woody pajamas to bed last night…long sleeves and all.

Hunter is starting to make rumblings about firewood.

I think we’re all ready for winter to get here. A few mornings, the temps have been cooler and you can just feel the crispness in the air.

Come on cooler weather. We’re waiting on you.

What about you? What are you waiting for? What season is your favorite and why?

And yes, I know that in the middle of winter, I’ll be longing for summer, gardens, swimming, long days and nights, cicadas and the beach.  It’s how I am.  🙂