A New Edition of My Favorite Things: Clarks Wallabees

For years, I’ve been lusting after these shoes right here:

I know some of you are thinking…really? Well, you can just sit on the fence with Hunter then because he says they are the ugliest shoes in the world. But I have loved them forever! They have simply been out of my price range since the first day I saw them.

These shoes are called Wallabees and they are made by Clarks.  The average cost is around $125 a pair which I realize is ridiculously high.  And that’s the full reason I’ve never owned a pair.  I’ve scoured thrift stores for them. Nothing.

At Thanksgiving, my aunt asked me what size shoe I wore.  “An 8 or around there. Why?” Oh, I have this pair of shoes like Jena [my cousin] wears and I hate them. I’m going to donate them. Do you know anyone who wears a 9?” “What kind of shoes?,” I asked.

Stop Sign


Me (eyes about to pop): “You’re going to donate a pair of WALLABEES?”

Now, I did the right thing.  I asked my friends.  Even my bestest online friend.  No one wore a 9.

Then my cousin said it:  “What if you just wore some of those thick socks you’re always wearing?”

Stop the world.

I walked across the street to her house the next day and tried them on with my favorite wool socks.

Ya’ll. They fit like a dream.  I think the angels smiled.  Seriously.

Tied up snugly, they hug my foot.  I love them.  I always tell my friends that they’re like walking around on little clouds because the soles are so cushiony and soft. My feet never hurt, even after a full day.  I forget to take them off, they’re that comfortable; this is from the girl who prefers barefoot to anything.

And best of all?  They were FREE.  Possibly my best score yet.

I promise you, I wear them at least 4 days a week and all weekend.  I’ve figured out how to incorporate them into my work wardrobe.  I wear them out and about.  I wear them to church. Don’t believe me?

Here they are this morning:

craptastic photo courtesy of my Blackberry

I do like them Sam I am.

Y’all know I’m as frugal as they come.  I hate wasting money and I am often amazed at what people spend on clothes.   But I am telling you, Clark’s Wallabees are completely worth it.  I am now a customer for life.  I will gladly hand over the money for my next pair (possibly in the right size) of Wallabees.

And I have found these Wallabee Chics now that I am lusting after:

Adorable aren't they?!? Hint, Hunter...HINT!

But for now, I will wear my size 9 shoes with a smile on my face and a skip in my step.

What’s your favorite shoes?

(Clarks has no idea who I am but if they’re looking for shoe testers, I will gladly sign up! )


It’s a simple thing but it has made my life easier!

I hate to mop.

There. I said it. Like hate it with a purple passion but do it anyway. But, I hate carpet even more so it’s a no win situation.

Pre-children, I used a Swiffer until I heard rumors that the cleaner could be toxic to animals and I have had 4 indoor cats. True or not, I stopped using the Swiffer and went back to a regular mop.

Fast forward about 6 years, I’ve still been using a regular mop. Granted I have spent some money on a good mop but its still mopping. The boys are so messy, always spilling things and then there’s mud and weird sticky spots that I’m not even sure what they are. I was thinking of getting a Swiffer again. Seriously thinking on it.

Two weeks ago, I got the Target sales paper in the Sunday paper and noticed a new mop by Libman.

I liked the idea of this Freedom mop by Libman. It was designed like the Swiffer with a cleaner that sprays out and a scrub pad on the bottom. BUT, here’s what I really like about the Freedom mop.

First, the container for cleaner is removable and refillable. Part of Libman’s promotion is that you use the cleaner that YOU want. You’re not obligated to buy Swiffer’s cleaner. So, you can use Pine-Sol, Dawn, or some natural cleaner if you so choose. I like that. It lets me decide what I want to put on my floors (which is something I think about considering how much my kids and a new baby will play on our floors). Second, its more economical. Swiffer’s refill can run up to $5 a bottle. It’s easy to use half a bottle on a single mopping. That’s expensive!

I tend to mop with Dawn anyway just because its cheap and easy and safe. So, for about 0.05, I can mop my entire floor. Much more frugal.

The second feature I love about the Freedom mop is the scrub pad. It is washable! I LOVE THAT! I don’t have to buy more pads to clean with and I don’t have to search the web for ways to make my own (which I would). You can hand wash this pad or just throw it in the washer. Just don’t put it in the dryer.

I’ve used my mop a couple of times now and I love it. I love the convenience. I love the fact that I can clean my floors up in just a few minutes without dealing with buckets of water and a regular mop. Granted, its not a substitute for a regular mop but it helps me keep the house tidier and the floors less sticky on a daily basis!

The Libman mop cost me $16 on sale at Target. Through April, you can submit your receipt for a $5 rebate from Libman. So, once I get my rebate in, I paid $11 for a very handy mop that I am loving!

What’s your favorite timesaving tool for cleaning that is also frugal? I’m always looking for tips!


Libman has no idea who I am. I bought this with my own money and wanted to share how much I love this product.

Photo from the Libman website.

Georgia Scenes: The perfect farm house

I’ve driven by this house since 1997.  It sits outside of Madison and I first noticed it when I started driving down to college in South Georgia.  I loved it when it was falling apart.  The siding was gray.  The roof was caving in.  The porches were sagging.  I remember driving by it and thinking “what a shame to let such a fantastic house go to waste” every single time I drove by.  I even made my best friend at the time stop and take pictures a couple of times. 

When Hunter and I lived in Madison, I was so excited to see that someone was finally doing this house justice.  I mean, it’s the perfect farm house.  Look at the porch.


There could even be a porch on the 2nd floor right here.

And the porches could wrap all the way around.  It’s nearly there anyway!  There’s just a screened porch off the back.


I’ll admit that I’m just a little bit obsessed with this house.  I HAVE to pull off 441 and look at it nearly every time I drive by.  I think that if I could build a house, even though I don’t want a 2-story house, I’d build this one…or a smaller version of it.  It’s perfect. 

Sigh!  A girl can dream can’t she???


A Georgia scene: my newest favorite picture

Last week, I was in South Georgia. While I was down there, I was at my alma mater…the small town college where Hunter and I met.  I also drove around on my way home and snapped some photos. We’re always in need of new photos at work and I love taking them so it’s a win, win for me.

I’ve started carrying a camera with me everywhere I go.  It’s almost an addiction these days!  And I really, really love snapping small town photos.  Scenes around Georgia, my beloved home. 

Here’s the newest favorite for me:


It’s one of two grain bins on my college campus farm and I love it.  It just says Old South to me!  I’m sure that you’ll see this one again and again as I slowly begin working on remodeling this blog a little bit.

I used Picnik to fiddle with the colors a bit and came up with this version. It took about 10 minutes to find what I was looking for.  I am loving Picnik!  I’m thinking of having it printed as an 11 x 14 and framing it to hang in our house.  I have a few other ag pictures I’ve been saving to do the same thing with.  Its high time I started doing it.  I can get it printed at Walmart for about $8.

I’m small town and I love small town.  This picture just does it for me.  It reminds me of college, of living in a rural and very agriculturally reliant area, of meeting Hunter and falling in love, and of enjoying my small town life.   

Are you snapping photos of your life or are they just pictures in your memory?  Grab your camera.  Take some pictures.  I don’t have a fancy camera, just a point and shoot.  Even my work camera is a nicer quality, Canon point and shoot.  Some day…I’ll get a really good camera of my own.  But, for now, I have realized that it’s more important to preserve the memories than it is to worry about what kind of camera I took the picture with.  Set your camera on its high quality settings, carry extra batteries and memory cards and have fun! 


A few more Snow Day Pictures!

Just a few more…


Tres redneck, no?  It gets better…

Yep, a kiddie pool.  We’ll do anything for a good time!  “If that ain’t country, you can…”  I’ll let you finish it if you know what I’m talking about!

The farm I grew up on…we don’t own it anymore but still rent it.

JP…getting tired

The rest of the pictures are from the county park next door.  They’ve been bringing in old buildings from all over the county and setting up a village.  It’s a great place to take pictures.




Wouldn’t it be awesome to getting married here???


And last, but not least…me and my boys!  They were tired!


I think that’s the first picture I’ve ever posted of me!  Hi!