DIY: A Bedroom Sign

A couple of months ago, the Nester had a Giveaway Day.  I, of course, entered every single one and, of course, didn’t win a darn thing.  Per usual.  Anyway, in looking at some of the donors websites, I fell in love with a quote from Song of Solomon that I saw on a picture frame:
“…I have found the one whom my soul loves.”  Song of Solomon 3:4
I kept thinking about it because its how I feel about my husband.  I knew I couldn’t buy the frame right now.  I also saw some really cute other signs that I also couldn’t buy.  Not in the budget.  So…I kept thinking and decided to try my hand at painting a sign for our bedroom.

Here’s what I finally came up with:


Isn’t it CUTE?!?  I can’t stop smiling at it!  Now, my paint job isn’t perfect but I. Don’t. Care.  I am hanging it up over our bed.  ASAP. Even though we’re gonna move in a few months. 
Now, the “how to” business.  This is simple and quite possibly, the lamest tutorial ever.
24 x 24 piece of pre-sanded plywood from Home Depot (pre-cut, straight off the shelf folks for $4.54)
1 can of black spray paint.  Mine was matte finish Rustoleum leftover from another project.
Craft paint (mine’s from Walmart) and brushes (one thin detail one and one bigger one)
For my stencil, I printed out the words on my computer in the outline format to save ink.  The font I used is called His Name is Honey.  This is a free font that I downloaded from Kevin and Amanda (click the link to get your own!) and that is sized at 150. I free-handed the Song of Solomon part, as if you couldn’t tell.  The birds are a combination of a couple of images I found online that I scaled down and combined by hand to look like one I saw on a couple of other crafty things that I liked.  
I spray painted the plywood first and let it dry; then I did a second coat.  The I spent a while using my Xacto knife to cut out my stencil. Once it was all cut out and cleaned up, I taped it down and shifted it a couple of different ways until I liked the layout.  Once I was happy with how it looked, I got started painting. 

After my first coat was on the letters, I removed the stencil and used my thin brush to clean up the letters.  I also used a sharp pointed screw (all I could find at that point) to scratch off some “oops” spots.  You can still see that around the edges but I’m contemplating sanding in spots to age it.  We’ll see.

Last was to add the birds.  This one took me a while.  I wanted them to look a certain way so I fiddled with the tail and the head of the bird until I got it right.  Legs are free handed (as you can also TELL). 
That’s it.   I am going to use picture hanger bars to hang it securely but then use some ribbon to make it look like it’s hung just from the ribbon (or maybe some twine….hmmm) if that makes any sense whatsoever.
I love it!  It’s definitely not perfect but it expresses perfectly how I feel about Hunter!



My dream table

I’ve been lusting after this table for several weeks now, ever since I saw it on the lovely world wide web.

Photo from Restoration Hardware via Knockoff Wood

It’s from Restoration Hardware and OUT.OF.MY.LEAGUE.  I LOVE it.  Love it.  What I don’t love is the price tag.  I think they want like $2,000 for this table that looks like it’s made out of salvaged wood!  Seriously?  What planet do they live on?  Anyway, my only changes would be taking out that bottom shelf of the table and making it narrower so chairs will fit.  It also looks like it might sit a little high.  Not sure.

Then I found Ana.  She’s all the buzz here lately on blogs but I’ve been following her a while.  Her blog is called Knockoff Wood.  The girl rocks!  She builds this stuff for next to nothing and shares the plans.   For FREE.  Stop the world. 

Ever since I found Ana’s website, I’ve been in love.  Here’s her version of the table.

ana's table
Photo from Knockoff Wood blog

See what I mean?  Doesn’t she ROCK???  She built her table from scrap wood for less than $10Yep, you read that right.  That’s the link to the plans.  $10 stinking dollars.  Can you believe it?  I’m in awe.  I like how she narrowed the bottom level of the table but I think I want it a little bit wider.  Narrower than the top picture, wider than this one.  I’m not hard to please, am I?

Here are my tables I want for next to our bed.  (Notice the “my” in that sentence.)

pottery barn hyde side table 1
Photo from Pottery Barn via Knockoff Wood

Nice, simple and open.  Works for me.  Except I want a little shelf underneath so I can have a basket to hide my junk!

I have all KINDS of projects bookmarked for Hunter from Ana’s site.  He no longer wants to see all this furniture I want!  But seriously Babe?  We can do the kitchen table for around $100.  Our table is falling apart.

Yall have got to go and check her out. 



DIY Day: Finished Bar Stools!

With some wonderful encouragement from Alea about linking up to other sites, I decided to start with a recently completed project! You’ll probably start seeing more of this as I have time. It’s a great way to share what I’ve been working on and I can’t tell you how many blogs I’ve found by clicking through these types of “parties.” So be sure to check out the links on….


Kimba at A Soft Place To Land is hosting a DIY party today, and it just so happens that I finally finished my yard sale stools.

Remember these ladies?


Remember how I didn’t like the green? Well, I finally got around to making them my own. I bought these chairs at a yard sale for $15! For both chairs! Hunter and I have been looking at similar chairs (a rush bottom is what we want) for a while and even cheapies at Target are like $70!

I started out by removing the base. There were 3 simple screws to take out.


Then I sanded the chairs. Hunter and I disagreed on this. He said to skip sanding but I did a test piece. I sanded the wood under the chair seat one side and didn’t on the other. When I scratched both sides with my fingernail, the un-sanded side peeled right off. Sanding it was. I just did a light sand. I also used some wood glue I had to re-secure the chairs structurally since the older wood glue was deteriorating.

I had paint leftover from my dresser redo so I used it. I did 3 coats, sanding between the coats to remove any run marks. I wanted to buy spray paint but Hunter talked me into using what we had. See, he can be frugal when he wants to!

I let them dry a good 2 days before I put the seats back on because I knew the boys would immediately climb in them. And I was totally right. They’d missed their stools! Here’s the final result.


Aren’t they great?!? I LOVE them!!!

I bought 2 cushions because the boys keep dropping snacks in the seat, but I’m thinking about making a fabric cover when I find a new curtain fabric that works for my “colors.” I think the cushions are just too big. Here’s one with the cushion.


(Yes, I know one of the little decorative arch things is broken…thank you JP about 3 hrs after I brought it home). It looks kind of orange but the cushions are really a cranberry red which is one of my favorite colors.

Right now, I’m a hodge-podge in the kitchen/dining room are (and well, the rest of the house) but I’m getting there I think. Maybe I could just use a drop cloth for the chair liners…something simple and cheap. It would totally match my table cloth! lol. No cushioning though.

I’m so happy with how they turned out and for $15!! You can’t beat that. Decorating on the Cheap!!!


While I was unplugged…

As part of my effort to keep myself busy while I was Unplugged, I worked on a little project that I saw here (thanks Carrie (my rockin‘ blog designer) for sharing!) Could I have linked back anymore in that sentence???

Slightly different from the link above (though I kind of like her’s better), I bought hollow paper mache letters at Hobby Lobby. On sale for like $1 each. I also bought a few different sets of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper (again, on sale…0.39/each) in varying color schemes that I liked. I had these bluesy mix that I really like but I just loved the black and white that I went with.

Here they are on the wall…

These walls will be a warmer, more honey toned by summer (hello, Tobacco Road—I’ve been dreaming of this color for the kitchen for a while and the Nester finally told me what it was). It’s on THE LIST.

I also bought our initial to do one for our room but I may get the other kind instead. And I have plans to do P-L-A-Y in our toy room in some fun, boyish scrapbook paper. Big plans.
I love how they turned out! And when I get tired of them, I can just change the paper. No real commitment. That’s what I’m talking ’bout.
Self proclaimed decorating commitment-phobe,