The not so great part of Mother’s Day weekend

I’m heartbroken.

I wanted to climb on here yesterday and tell yall Happy Mother’s Day and to tell you what a wonderful job my men did for me. Because they did. And I had a great day.

But Saturday just cracked my heart.

Because on Saturday, we lost Boone.

It hurts to even type that. Boone died on Saturday while at the vet fighting against Parvo; he’d been there since Wednesday morning. He apparently picked it up in our backyard as he’s been around no other dogs.

I’ve cried and cried and cried. I cried when JL cried and said “but he’s my buddy” and started crying. I’ve cried because of how insensitive little ones can be to the aspect of death because they simply don’t understand. I cry when I hear his name and when I hear them talk about him. I cry when I go down to the coop and almost tell the boys to protect the eggs because he liked to grab them from the bucket and eat them.

I cry when I look at this picture.

This is Thursday morning, before I took him to the vet, after I carried him up the stairs because he wouldn’t walk with me and tried to hide from me in the backyard. JP had lain down in the floor with Boone and covered him up to feel better after he found out Boone was sick. Boone liked to come in and lay his head on the pillow.

I cry and I blame myself because he was behind on his shots because money had been so tight in the winter. I had planned to take him to the clinic on Saturday to get his and all the other animals vaccines. Instead, on Saturday, I picked him up to bury him and then later took everyone else back in for their vaccines.

I cry because he was only with us for five and a half months, and he no long goes nuts when I go in the chicken coop, barking at me. He doesn’t get all excited to see me. He doesn’t meet me at the gate. I can’t lovingly call him a moron anymore. I can’t scratch his ears or throw the ball. I can’t hug him. There’s no more Booner or Booneshaka for us to love on…our nicknames for our beloved pup.

I cry because my babies continued to pray for him (and Buckshot) last night; to play and be safe in heaven and to be good for Jesus.

Instead, now, he’s buried in the back yard with our other 2 labs; now one yellow, one chocolate and one black. All lost in the past 2 years…one 6, one 10 and one 5 and half months old. His favorite toys…a tennis ball, a snuffed toy basketball, knotted socks and a stuffed penguin are all with him.

I cry when I look at these pictures…

And, for now, I am done. We still have my Burgh and the cats and I will shower them with love. I will spoil them and I will love on them.

Because my heart can’t handle another break right now.



What’s that you see???


What are you talking about?

You see something different? Possibly bigger?

Do you see happy chickens? Or overwhelmed ones??? Lol

This handsome devil is JP. And yeah, he won’t take those boots off again this year. Thank goodness they still fit! I looked them up…$45 a pair people. A PAIR. For KIDS. Oy!

And here’s his partner in crime…JL!

And, as you can see, my boys love the chickens. All they wanted to do was chase them around and pet them. That is, until Mr. Red said enough and chased them back. Live and learn kiddos. They were giggling so much

That’s right. WE FINISHED THE COOP. Thank God. We were so sick of it hanging over our heads (or at least Hunter was). We busted our tails today and trudged on through to wrap it up. I’m so happy! The long day ended with me arguing with the chickens that they were going to come OUT of the hutch and INTO their new home. They were not impressed with me but I persevered. They’ll learn to do things my way eventually won’t they???

(Now, shhhhhhh. Here’s my favorite girl.

Don’t tell the others. Just look at her feathers…black and white speckled. She knows she’s special too. She’s so much tamer than the wild black ones!)

I have no idea how big the coop is. Hunter shingled the roof and, between the two of us, we stretched the wire. They have a big open run and open building. The nesting box was given to us so it was free. I used 7 bags of the cypress mulch that we already had to cover the floor. I hope that’s ok for chickens to be on. The chicks seem pretty happy. We have plans to do some curtains for the winter but that shouldn’t be anything major. Biggest problem I have right now?

This…when we tell him he has to come out of the coop.

(Please ignore nasty shirt…we were working alright?!? He got a bath before bed I promise.)

And there’s this…

I’ve got 2 worries. First, even though Hunter bought a eye hook thing that I can barely work, what about the boys opening the door and leaving it open?!? And then, can I tell you how many times we panicked because we thought JP had locked us in? We should have put in a trap door I think. I’m not going in without my cell phone ever again. Just in case.

I’m not sure if it should could against my cost but I’ll go ahead and include this. I bought a staple gun to make our lives easier. I couldn’t bang the stupid staples in with a hammer. I nearly bet the out of them and they wouldn’t go in. So, I invested $30 in a staple gun that I now want to marry. I foresee many, many projects going so much smoother. And Hunter says it will come in handy when we go to cover the greenhouses in the fall. Hmmm….maybe I’ll let him borrow it.

It’s been a long, long day. I’m exhausted! There are some other projects that I finished up as well. And, I have got to show ya’ll pictures of my garden. It’s so wonderful. I finished the mulching up today. We are lacking some tomato cages but we’re trying to figure out what to do that won’t cost anything.

I plan on doing the absolute minimum that I can tomorrow. :o) I’ve earned it. I do have to clean out the hutch though so this sweet girl

can move back into her home. She will not be impressed with the smell, I’m sure.

Just a quick flash back to April….the girls (and Mr. Red). They were so cute and tiny!

Coop happy and delirious,

A Quick Chick Accounting Update…

Just to keep track of expenses:

Hunter bought another 50lb bag of feed: $12
Grit (crushed granite for their digestive systems) to feed: $7

# of eggs: 0 (we’re pushing 3 months old so it’s early yet…need to get them in their coop with their nests)
Admitted # of roosters: 1 (my bad)

Funny story…I’ve got one roosting on top of the waterer. Anyone ever reached in their coop at 10pm to fill up the waterer and grabbed a chicken?!? Talk about a scream! Me and the chick! And the rooster.

What am I going to do with this


The Chicks–Part 2

A cost update. Sigh…..

We’re working on the coop. Hunter’s been swamped but it’s a work in progress. Hopefully we’ll have time finish it in another week. Meanwhile, Pepper and I had to have a little talk, and she has moved back into the crate so the chickens can hang out in her hutch until their coop is finished. They were just too big and starting to fly out. She wasn’t real happy about the situation and I have the scratches to prove it.

Coop Supplies

  • 5 pieces of OSB board for the sides and roof
  • Hinges for the door
  • Wood to build the door
  • Chicken wire
  • Screws? I think.

Total Cost: $110

Luckily, we had the timbers we needed to build the frame and the long screws we needed to put it together. Saved us some and considering what we’ve spent, that’s a good thing! Since we were unable to find any used metal roofing, we’re going to use some shingles left by the former owners of our house for roofing materials. Cost=free. We think this will be all that we need. Think.

I also had to buy feed this week; they finally finished that first 20lb bag of feed. I bought the grower feed, a 50lb bag, for $11. Can I just say that a 50lb bag of chicken feed weighs WAY more than a 50lb bag of dog food! Trust me. 2 kids, 50lbs of chick feed, 50lbs of dog food and 10lbs of rabbit food in a cart is h-e-a-v-y.

The coop has made this economical project not so economical. Sigh….these eggs better be GOOD.


The Chicks—Part 1

I want to keep a running tab on this whole chicken endeavor if y’all don’t mind. To see how much I put into this and how much I get out (other than teaching the boys about where our food comes from and how to care for animals).

So far, we’re up to about $40. That’s 6 chicks, 1 20-lb bag of feed, 1 bag of medicine for an initial treatment, 1 waterer, and 1 feeder. Oh and a 250 watt bulb for the heat lamp I already had. I signed up for the Tractor Supply newsletter and they sent me a $5 coupon and then there were some in store deals as well. Gotta love a deal.

Hunter got a 12 nest box from a friend’s dad (well, they’re both friends but I guess that’s not the point) for free which we think will be better than the nests he built out of scrap lumber. So, we’re going to go with that I think. We are using a frame for a coop from a shed Hunter was planning to hunt out of so that’s “free” so to speak. We’ll spend some money on siding for the building, possibly a little more lumber to frame out the run, latches and wire to complete the coop.

That’s basically it. I know I’ll want to paint it too but that’s down the road. Red, I think. :o) I’ll be sure to post pictures as we progress.

Just wanted to get it down before I forgot.