Just another week in paradise

This week has been tough.  I’m sure that came through loud and clear.  I can’t say that I’m not glad to see it go.

Part of my craptastic week was Wednesday. Oh Wednesday. On this glorious Wednesday, I finally kept the appointment I’d been cancelling for three months and went to the endodontist.  In late October, I had some fillings done because I have the worst teeth known to man. And I hate going to the dentist but I drag myself there every six months.  Anyway, after the fillings, it still really bothered me.  Bothered me to the point that I couldn’t eat on that side. It was all pressure related.  It didn’t hurt when I didn’t use it and it didn’t interfere with life. I just ate on the other side. They tried adjusting my feelings numerous times but nothing helped so they wanted me to see a specialist.

I knew what that meant…

Even filters can't improve my dislike of this place. Root canal is about to start. Let the crying commence. #bigfatbabyatdentist

But, I kept the appointment. And…I had to have a root canal.  Ugh.

I can’t say this is my first one. It’s my fourth and it sucks. Every time.  But this guy was a new doctor for me and he used different tools so it’s a one shot deal.  Hopefully.  In the past, I had to go back 2-3 times so they could open it up, clean it out more, repack it and re-close it.  Just a nightmare.

So, I’m sore and hurting a bit. Definitely sore.  But it should be fading pretty soon and will get back to normal.  I’ll have to get a crown in about a month.  Good times all around.

It’s dreary and rainy and this sort of luke-warm gross outside. I’m thinking the night calls for homemade pizza, popcorn and hot chocolate alongside some family movie time.  I am heartedly proclaiming Thank Goodness It’s Friday!


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