Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less) Review

BackyardFarmingCoverI was recently given an opportunity to review Angela England’s new book, Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less).  Angela is the founder of Untrained Housewife as well as the Editor-in-Chief of Blissfully Domestic. She is also a guest contributor at MomPrepares. I met Angela at Blissdom last year and despite her being incredibly sick, she was very nice.

I sat down the other night after the kids were in bed intending on reading a chapter and then going on to sleep. Instead I was up for nearly 2 hours reading through various parts of the book!  I love Angela’s style of writing. It’s friendly, informative and easy to follow. And even though I grew up in a small, farming town and our farm, there is always something new to learn.

Hunter and I are in talks on delving further into the world of raising our own meat.  It’s a natural progression from processing our own deer meat each year (more on that to come in another post). I’ll admit, I’m a little uneasy about some of it because the killing part? Well, that’s hard for me.  In Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less), Angela talked about these same feelings and then how she was able to get past it.  She described the set up they use for processing their own meat birds. She also broke down the cost of feed compared to buying meat in the store which I found encouraging. Hunter and I have discussed supplements to lower feed costs ourselves so seeing some actual numbers was nice.

Another component of the book that I really liked was the diagrams showing possible garden layouts based on your lot size.  Since we moved, we’ve been clearing and cleaning up so the diagrams helped me better visualize what I want for our property. I also found the section on how to grow more intensively on smaller areas in order to maximize your garden harvest while not damaging your soil.

Besides the two topics I mentioned, the book also includes sections on choosing land if you’re in a place to buy property or building your farm on the land you currently have, tools and skills for backyard farmers, getting started gardening, bee keeping , growing fruits, nuts and berries, raising livestock like sheep, goats and rabbits and also harvesting and preserving your garden harvests.

Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less) is an excellent addition to our growing library on raising our own food and living more sustainably.  I’m pretty picky on what books I recommend because well, books are expensive.  This book is a nice starting point for someone looking into growing some of their own food as well as seasoned gardeners looking for new ideas to maximize their homesteading by expanding into other areas like livestock. I am so grateful to Angela for sending me a copy of the book to review.

You can purchase Backyard Farming on an Acre from Amazon and Barnes and Noble (there are Kindle and Nook additions available as well).  And, folks are starting to find it in local bookstores! As a bonus there are a bunch of free downloadable resources at AND there are some awesome bonus downloads available with your purchase through December 20th so go buy your copy today!

I received a copy of this book as part of this review.  As always, my opinions are all my own.

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