Weekend Festival Time!

This past weekend was what I simply called, “Festival Weekend.” Our hometown festival was this weekend.  That means fair food, lots of “hey, how are y’all?” and of course, the parade.  We do a parade float every year and the kids love it.  And I love that they love it because I always did as a child.  I love sharing that with them. But let me just say, the cost of candy is RIDICULOUS.  But the food was good(smoked turkey leg for me a Reuben for Hunter, hot dogs for the kiddos although they ate half of mine), the kids played games and of course, we came home with pop guns.

The olders spent Saturday night with their cousin for his 7th birthday and had a blast. So, yesterday, Hunter, Rhett and I headed north to Brasstown, North Carolina all by ourselves for the J.C. Campbell Folk Festival.  The Folk School is an absolutely amazing organization that offers students opportunities to learn what I call “old trades” through their classes. Each year, the school opens their school and their land to the public, hosting an artisan craft festival with beautiful hand crafted products. There are demonstrators all through the festival that take the time to explain what they are doing and how things work.

Bowl carving

We watched this guy turn a wooden bowl. He stopped frequently to tell us why and how he did things so the bowl came out right and wouldn’t crack.

Handcrafted at folk festival

There were potters, turning clay.  I loved this cup/bowl that one of the students was selling. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I didn’t bring my “big girl” camera so I settled for my phone for pictures.  I wish I’d of taken more of them. We saw someone working on a loom, spinning yarn, knitting, carving a wooden bowl (by hand), beading, crocheting….you name it!  That’s what I love most about this festival, their willingness to show you their crafts and talk with you.

It would probably be wrong of me to not mention the food.  Hunter, Rhett and I thoroughly enjoyed BBQ sandwiches (Rhett and I), some kind of sausage and pepper sandwich (Hunter), an apple pie (oh my word), an apple betty and this gigantic bag of kettle corn.  But we did bring home some for the boys, I promise!

It was a fun weekend for all of us but we were all tired this morning!  I am off today so I’m getting the rabbit cage winterized and taking the dog to the vet.  Exciting times, no?  The air is cool and brisk and it finally feels like fall.

How about you?  How was your weekend?


One thought on “Weekend Festival Time!

  1. Hi Carrie, I LOVE THAT CUP/BOWL TOO!!! anyway I can get one too???? PLEASEEEEE!! thanks and I just found you! 🙂

    Pam in Michigan

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