Waiting on Winter

I find myself ready for fall and winter. Mostly winter if I’m being honest.

Stack o' quilts Image

I do this every year in the summer. The day will come when I pull out my great grandmother’s quilt (that’s been hanging on the line) and snuggle down.

Wood Stove

I look at the fireplace and think about how, soon it will heat our home. Again this winter, we’ll be heating by wood stove and electric heaters. After running the numbers and a few unexpected car repairs, we decided we could live another year without central heat. I am insisting on a heater for our bedroom this winter. Yes, I am.

But I’m ready to buy some new SmartWools because mine are officially threadbare. Seriously, if you don’t have some, get them. They are the best winter socks ever. Warm feet without sweating. Carhartt makes some nice ones too but SmartWools are my favorites. These are a little more practical looking than the picture above but I really like these too.

I’m ready for sweaters. I’m ready to shop for a new pair of jeans.


I’m ready for boots, fleece jackets, scarves(!), hot chocolate, stews, and just curling up at home.

Winter always seems to be when we turn inward. It gets dark earlier. There’s no running in and out of the house until 9pm. There’s more hanging out together inside, near the fire, doing projects. I knit more. I bake more. I sew more.

There’s pink cheeks, cold ears, crisp air and the smell of smoke in the air.

There’s the potential for snow. Oh I hope it snows this year like it did two years ago.

Every summer, I get to this point. Tuesday, the blanket came out. While Hunter laid on the couch in a sleeveless undershirt and shorts and asked me in disbelief, “are you cold?”

I’ve seen Levi wearing the cowl I made him last year.

Lee is asking to wear jeans and he wore his Woody pajamas to bed last night…long sleeves and all.

Hunter is starting to make rumblings about firewood.

I think we’re all ready for winter to get here. A few mornings, the temps have been cooler and you can just feel the crispness in the air.

Come on cooler weather. We’re waiting on you.

What about you? What are you waiting for? What season is your favorite and why?

And yes, I know that in the middle of winter, I’ll be longing for summer, gardens, swimming, long days and nights, cicadas and the beach.  It’s how I am.  🙂

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