The “Right Now”

Crickets…I know.  Believe, I KNOW.

I’m not even apologizing or whatever.  I haven’t been here.  I just haven’t.  I want to be and I plan posts and write down ideas and snap pictures but the physical sit down and blog…it just does not happen. And today, because I just feel like i need to blog, I’m not even gonna put a pretty picture in here.  Rule breaker, I am.

Now brace yourself for me to ramble a bit about the “right now” in my life.

On the needles:

Knitting a sweater for Rhett.  (This one). He’s 1 people.  I haven’t blogged it.  I’m a crappy mama.  But I want to knit a sweater and a little person sweater seems a wise place to start before I tackle this:

Source: via Carrie on Pinterest

Yup.  That’s my dream sweater from The Holiday that Cameron Diaz wore.  And can I state for the record, that I am relieved that other people Google these things like I do. And that someone created this pattern so I could happily pay $5 for it. And I’ll go ahead and admit, I’m scared. This thing may take me years to finish.


Levi started Kindergarten and Lee is in first grade.  Stop the world.  They are growing up so much, so fast.  Some days, I am infuriated with them and their little smart mouths.  Other days,  I can’t stop laughing because they are so funny.  Then I want to throttle them.  Then I want to cry.

Rhett’s a dancer.  Hilarious.  I totally got it videoed. And I totally intend on embarrassing him with it someday.

In the garden:

Not a thing.  It never happened.  Neither did herbs.  Total garden fail AGAIN. There’s always next year.  I am going to get some garlic bulbs soon though.  I want to try my hand at it and I think maybe plant some lettuce?  Something.  Anything.

In the freezer:

Tomatoes!  That’s about it.  I’ve been getting the “ugly” tomatoes that won’t sell or are going bad from my dad and freezing them.  20 quarts so far with more to come I’m sure.  I also have a bucket of pears waiting to be turned into preserves and 3 gallons of figs in the freezer for the same reason.

Hoping for some more bell peppers to freeze because those things get seriously expensive in the winter.

In the kitchen:

Banana-cranberry bread-yes.  Absolutely yes.  We all loved it. I’ll share it later.  It’s in an old cookbook of mine.
Pioneer Woman’s Spicy Dr. Pepper Pork Roast-yum! Just half the chipotles.  Trust me on this
PW’s Chocolate Sheet cake-do I need to say that the diet isn’t going well?

Projects in the works:

I’m trying to talk Hunter into building me this


or this


I want to try using an old pallet we have for one of these


I found some free printables here (beautiful post as well) for the kids bathroom.  I have them printed, I just need frames.

Things I’ve tried:

We’re using burlap for pseudo shades in 2 of our windows.  I like the texture but ya’ll, it’s DARK in those rooms. Free though
I hacked an old white striped curtain and now, every time I walk in my bathroom, I smile.  Little things, right? Another freebie.
I took a grapevine wreath I had, made some fabric flowers from scraps and used a metal letter off my wall and made myself a wreath.  Again, free

For this here blog I claim to have

House pictures!
Yard pictures!
I few little tutorials or posts on things I’ve done.

Other Asundry:

I’m on Pinterest!  And I love it.  I visit daily so if you want to see what I’m obsessing over thinking about, be sure to follow me over there by following me at thatcarrie.

Ramble over.

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