Cooking Ahead: What’s Worked So Far

artisan bread with "scallops"

It’s been a week or two but I’ve tried to stay diligent on cooking more from scratch again.  I thought I’d do a few updates on what we’ve been eating and how this domestic diva thing is going.

Refrigerator bread–the last bit of the dough will be eaten tonight so I’ll mix up some more.  This has been great for ball game nights where we cook and eat after we get home.  I put it on to rise before we leave and then pop it in the oven while we cook. It’s usually done about the same time as supper.

Meatballs–I fell in love with the Pioneer Woman’s meatballs recipe long ago.  They take time to make but are SO good.  We ate them last weekend so I doubled the recipe.  That gave me 80 meatballs.  I did the browning stage and then cooled and froze them.  That’s 2-3 meals for us.

Granola–its been gone.  In like 3 days, they ate it all.  I need to make more tonight (no baseball game!)

Homemade pizza–one of my favorite things to make.  I use this crust recipe that doesn’t require a rise time but substitute olive oil for the vegetable oil. I make my own pizza sauce and freeze it (if there are leftovers).

Freezer jam–family friends are selling strawberries locally this year so I picked a gallon last weekend.  We had strawberry shortcake that night, snacked on some and still made 8 containers of freezer jam.  I am hoping to get another gallon today or tomorrow to freeze for winter time.  The season is almost over here.

A few other things I have or need to be doing:

Tea–so much cheaper than soda and better for us I think!  We have decided to cut the sugar in our’s by a third (we’re southern, okay…We have sweet tea in our veins!) and so far, so good.

Onions–Hunter purchased some Vidalia onions (local in that we live in Georgia) recently and I need to slice, dice and freeze before they go bad.

Squash–I need to make the Rhett some.  He’s one now and eating more solids but he’s not tried yellow squash.  My dad has some ready now so we need to try it (and eat more ourselves).

Blackberries have bloomed and by mid-June, it’ll be picking time!  We missed it last year so needless to say, I am excited to pick berries!  Blueberries will be in a little sooner and I plan to pick some of those as well.  Hunter and the kids really like them.

I think that’s about it for right now.  My stockpile is a little too low on basics for my comfort so I’m trying to get things stocked back up.  My pantry is so much smaller than the old house so I’m having to be a little more clever.  I swear if one more can falls on my toes, I will lose my mind.  I will.


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