Getting Back to Me…Domestic Diva Checking In

I’ve been slipping a lot lately when it comes to my routines and habits. The Domestic Diva seems to have left the building. My efforts at saving money and living more sustainably (both environmentally and financially) have just gone out the window.

I haven’t been cooking as much honestly.  There are a lot of reasons I guess.  I’m tired.  Busy. Kids are running around off the hook. The baby is crying.  Hunter is busy and I’m flying solo some evenings. Its gorgeous outside and I’d rather do anything than cook some nights. There aren’t any good excuses, just excuses.

I haven’t been using coupons.  It just seems like most of the coupons I’ve been getting in the paper are for products I don’t need or want. And printing them off the computer uses a ton of ink! I’d also been forgetting to take them with me when we go (and we’ve been going as a family). So, I’ve taken a few weeks off from couponing and buying the paper.

I definitely haven’t cloth diapered (the first baby that I haven’t done it with, part-time) but I’m thinking about it for evenings and weekends. Thinking about it.

I haven’t baked bread regularly. I went from baking bread 2-3 times a week to nothing. And I haven’t wanted to.

There are no flowers, no garden beds prepped, no cute projects.

We don’t even have a clothes line (though we did buy supplies last weekend to put up one).

I feel like I’m just subsisting. Just getting by. I get buried in housework and running around to ball game. In getting the kids to school (on time) and not forgetting all of their activities and school projects. My work has picked up so I’m busier than ever with it and side projects.

Last week, I sewed basket liners for new Easter baskets for the boys.  I wanted really nice ones like the ones from Pottery Barn but I just couldn’t, in my right mind, pay $60 each (after basket, liner and embroidery) for Easter baskets. Ridiculous. So I bought 3 simple baskets at Hobby Lobby for half-off (3.99 each) and used burlap Hunter had leftover from a tree job (free!) to sew 3 liners that turned out beautifully. I’ll post pictures soon.

I also sewed a crayon apron for my cousin’s little girl that turned out to be adorable. Of course, I took no pictures of it before I gave it to her (bad blogger).

I think it was the sewing that’s put the bug back in my ear. I am missing my old habits and routines. So last night, I made my own laundry soap.  Just a small batch but I like it. And it felt good to make my own again.

And I put beans in water to soak overnight. They’re in the crock pot now. I’m cooking a large pot so I can freeze them for later meals during this busy season when eating out or eating lazy food is so tempting.

I also baked a loaf of bread and plan to mix up a batch of refrigerator dough tonight. The house smells wonderful right now.

This weekend, I’m hoping to get the clothes line put up and figure out how we can re-purpose something into some 4 x 4 boxes for green bean tepees. And cook or prep a few more things that I can freeze for later on.

By the end of summer, I’d like to have chickens again as our girls are all gone.  Chickens and a mobile coop.  How fun would that be?

I’m just hoping to get back to my normal.  And really, to slow down our spending. Convenience isn’t cheap. Now that we’ve moved and settled into this house, we’re hoping to create more stability for ourselves by increasing our savings from nearly nothing to something. haha!

“Homesteading” seems like such an old-fashioned, hippie like work but these old domestic tasks are just that…homesteading. I’m not sure why I am hesitant to use it but I am. Lowering our impacts, decreasing our spending, improving our way of life and making healthier choices.  Those are my goals right now.  The Domestic Diva is checking back in.

What are you working on in your life right now?


2 thoughts on “Getting Back to Me…Domestic Diva Checking In

  1. Love it!! Let’s work together to get each other back on track! Now that you are settled into the new house I hope you find your way back to “normal” quickly and seamlessly!

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