Time to go!

I have my list.

It has 7 pairs of shoes on it (including these that you know I ain’t leaving home without).

And 8 pairs of pants in varying forms.

What's in my bag

And a whole pile of other stuff I probably won’t need while I’m at Blissdom.

I’m a bundle of nerves and excitement.

I’m worried to death that one of the boys will get sick.

This is my First Blissdom!

Blissdom is finally here and I’m beside myself excited. I leave in just a bit to drive up and I can’t wait. Borrowed clothes borrowed shoes, borrowed computer (because as much as he says he can live without it, 5 days without a computer will not do for Hunter), borrowed car.

My niece is loaning me her netbook which should be hilarious. But I really won’t need it for much. It appears I’ll be too busy having fun and learning and meeting people.

We all decided taking my dad’s car was probably a better idea than my nearly 12-year-old car with 200K+ miles on it.  🙂 It calms worries for my dad who is not liking my driving all the way alone. Never mind I drive from one end of the state to the other all the time for work? He loves me.

I’m wishing I had another webcam so I could see my boys. But phones will have to do.
old suitcase

Ready or not, Nashville, here I come!


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