A New Edition of My Favorite Things: Clarks Wallabees

For years, I’ve been lusting after these shoes right here:

I know some of you are thinking…really? Well, you can just sit on the fence with Hunter then because he says they are the ugliest shoes in the world. But I have loved them forever! They have simply been out of my price range since the first day I saw them.

These shoes are called Wallabees and they are made by Clarks.  The average cost is around $125 a pair which I realize is ridiculously high.  And that’s the full reason I’ve never owned a pair.  I’ve scoured thrift stores for them. Nothing.

At Thanksgiving, my aunt asked me what size shoe I wore.  “An 8 or around there. Why?” Oh, I have this pair of shoes like Jena [my cousin] wears and I hate them. I’m going to donate them. Do you know anyone who wears a 9?” “What kind of shoes?,” I asked.

Stop Sign


Me (eyes about to pop): “You’re going to donate a pair of WALLABEES?”

Now, I did the right thing.  I asked my friends.  Even my bestest online friend.  No one wore a 9.

Then my cousin said it:  “What if you just wore some of those thick socks you’re always wearing?”

Stop the world.

I walked across the street to her house the next day and tried them on with my favorite wool socks.

Ya’ll. They fit like a dream.  I think the angels smiled.  Seriously.

Tied up snugly, they hug my foot.  I love them.  I always tell my friends that they’re like walking around on little clouds because the soles are so cushiony and soft. My feet never hurt, even after a full day.  I forget to take them off, they’re that comfortable; this is from the girl who prefers barefoot to anything.

And best of all?  They were FREE.  Possibly my best score yet.

I promise you, I wear them at least 4 days a week and all weekend.  I’ve figured out how to incorporate them into my work wardrobe.  I wear them out and about.  I wear them to church. Don’t believe me?

Here they are this morning:

craptastic photo courtesy of my Blackberry

I do like them Sam I am.

Y’all know I’m as frugal as they come.  I hate wasting money and I am often amazed at what people spend on clothes.   But I am telling you, Clark’s Wallabees are completely worth it.  I am now a customer for life.  I will gladly hand over the money for my next pair (possibly in the right size) of Wallabees.

And I have found these Wallabee Chics now that I am lusting after:

Adorable aren't they?!? Hint, Hunter...HINT!

But for now, I will wear my size 9 shoes with a smile on my face and a skip in my step.

What’s your favorite shoes?

(Clarks has no idea who I am but if they’re looking for shoe testers, I will gladly sign up! )


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