I’ve had a hard time coming back to this place.  This home of my thoughts and feelings.  Many of my feelings are so…scattered…up in the air.  I’m not sure what I want to share anymore.

This barn is close and I love it.  The stories it could tell

We’ve gone through a lot of changes the past few months.  A lot of trials.  A lot of happiness and a lot of sadness.  We’ve had those days when we’ve laughed at it all and when we’ve cried.  Hunter and I, we’re stronger as a unit and when our unit is stressed, we are frazzled at the seams.

Hold my hand forever.

Our boys, they continue to be constant sources of amazement, amusement, love, frustration, delight, confusion, hurt, joy, swelling of pride and again, most importantly, love.

My baby picking pumpkins

I think I’m coming back slowly.  I see changes in my head for this place that reflect changes in our life.  My life. Finding the time to make changes happen is a hard sought item.


But we are home.  Moved.  Settling in. Laughing in wonder at this baby that has filled another void we didn’t know we had.  Sighing in frustration at this (now!) six year old little version of me.  Scratching my head at the four year old version of Hunter (Dear Lord, his mama was patient if Hunter was this slow and meandering).

I think I’m coming back.  Missing my home.  My place for my thoughts.  There is, as I’ve said, so much to tell you.  So much to share.

How are you?  I’ve missed you! 


Being honest…if there’s no caption, you can thank Flickr for the lovely pictures.  Click on the picture to see more.

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