8 Days

In 8 days, my first-born…this guy


this one…



Picture 134

that’s surely trying to break my heart

Picture 124

or just drive me crazy


is going to bring me


to tears.

to file 018

He’s going to start kindergarten y’all.

And I am not ready.  I don’t know how 5 years has passed.  I don’t know how he’s grown this much. 

I don’t know how I’m not going to cry that ugly cry next Thursday. 

My baby is growing up and I can’t seem to make him slow down.  He’s excited.  I’m excited for him.  And I’m nervous.  And worried about everything he will see and hear.  About what he’ll be taught.  About how he’ll be treated.

I’m truly not sure how I can survive this.

I’m just saying,


(If I’m scare for a few weeks, don’t give up on this spot.  We’re in the final push for the house and then there’s moving, kindergarten starting, preschool starting again for JL, Rhett starting to eat solids (which means I’m making baby food again), work and life in general.  I will be back, I promise, with stories, pictures, and how-to’s I’ve been saving up!)


1 thought on “8 Days

  1. I know how you feel. I cried when all three of mine went to kindergarten and again when they started first grade. And this year, I will cry again because my first born will be starting high school. *sigh* And I will cry because I know with each passing day, my there boys are getting a little further away from me. They are growing up and I have to let them go. :O( Just remember, you are strong and you can get through it.I hope you didn't mind me posting you a message. I don't know you and I just happened to come across your blog. It's very nice.

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