A little update on this crazy life

The last two weeks have passed in a blur.  I’ve started back to work part-time (did I tell y’all that already?  It IS 630 on a Sunday morning and I’ve been up nearly 2 hours so…cut me some slack, mkay?).  Two more precious weeks and I’ll be back full-time on a new schedule.  I’m going back 5 days a week, working 8 hour days instead of 10 hour days, 4 days a week.  I just didn’t want the intense schedule any more or being gone 12 hours a day just to have a day off full of me being tired, cranky and full of errands.  I know I’ll miss those Fridays off but I will adjust.  But, in addition to going 5 days/week, I’m also going to be working 2 days from home!  Halleluiah!  I’m excited for the opportunity.  It also shaves an hour worth of driving off my day and 70 miles!  And I will get home earlier those two days and be here to see the boys off in the mornings.  I’m very happy with that.

The chickens have eaten our garden after busting out of the coop.  I’ve repaired most of it but haven’t caught them yet.  I don’t know that I will.  Our garden was growing SO well.  Sigh…

We’re working at the other house, trying to keep moving on it.  I want to move by August, before the boys start school.  Its ambitious but a goal.  And for the record, I HATE PICKING PAINT COLORS.  Just a little FYI. 

It’s also miserably hot here.  Think 95+ every.single.day.  Miserable.  The heat makes everything seem to take longer and no one wants to play outside.  Which adds to the disaster that IS my house. 

Rhett is growing like a little weed.  He’s 3 months old! (post later). And oh the tales I have to share on the other two and their…misadventures of late.  I know I’ve lost at least 10 years off my life.

I’m disappointed in myself that I missed 2 {this moments} in a row.  I love looking for a picture for that post each week.  I’ll get back on board this week with that.  I have some oldies I’ve never shared that I plan on sharing in {this moment}. 

I’m going to sit here and enjoy this last 15 minutes of quiet before the boys get up.  Somehow I managed to get all our clothes ready for church last night! 

Ok, one more cup of coffee and a few more minutes.  Have a blessed Sunday!


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