What day is this?!?

Seriously.  Where did this week go?  This house has been BUSY this week!

First, our church had revival this week.  Sunday-Wednesday.  I felt like we all needed it so we’ make extra effort to GET THERE.  And it was excellent.  A pastor from South Georgia was there.  Not only was he real and funny but he had a true passion for putting it simply and keeping it honest.  The music was awesome (love hymns mixed in with that praise music) and it was just good times.  This year, they also had a program for K-5th grade downstairs so JP really had a good time with that.  JM (the babe) cooperated for the most part.  I heard ALL of last night’s service! 

We also had a baseball game on Tuesday night (the only night of revival we missed).  JP is playing his first year of coach-pitch baseball and he’s doing great!  He hasn’t had to hit off of the tee yet!  (They get 4 pitches and if they don’t hit any, they can hit off the tee).  I think he was the only one on his team to not use the tee so we’re really proud of how well he’s doing.  Baseball games at this age are quite entertaining…particularly when some of JP’s closest friends are on the other team and he made it his mission in life to tag them out, even if it meant chasing them all the way around the bases.  Very funny.

AND, it was picture week at school.  Oh I hate picture week.  Since JP is in the pre-K, they did individual pictures in caps and gowns on Tuesday.  JL, in the 3 yr old program, had group pictures that day.  Then, they waited until today to do group pictures of the pre-K.  So, I had to dress him nice two times this week.  Oy…the battles. 

Yesterday was Easter Egg hunts at the school and each class had a little party.  The wee-one and I got there and helped set up for the parties (he in his wrap snoozing blissfully while I ran around) and then went out to watch egg hunts.  They ended up doing all of the classes at one time because rain was threatening.  All you need to know on that is that, for me, it meant running up and down a hill so I could watch both kids hunt eggs at the same time because they separated the kids into 2 groups by age and my kids were in different groups.  Figures.  Plus, instead of having all the parties at the same time, JL’s teacher decided to wait so I had to go back and forth between those as well.  Fun times. 

And for further torture, we met friends at Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  4 moms…11 kids!  Madness.  But, by golly, those boys napped yesterday afternoon.  Thank you Lord. 

That’s pretty much our week.  Today, I am attempting to clean up the wreck that this house has become.  Have I mentioned the clothes?  All of the above madness has resulted in at least 10 times the amount of clothes that has to be washed, dried, and put away simply because my children are incapable of keeping themselves presentable for more than 5 minutes when we have somewhere to go. 

This weekend, we’re going to my sister-in-laws on Saturday to celebrate Easter with Hunter’s family. Just a 1.5-2 hour drive.  Sunday, we’ll go to church in the morning and then we’re going to my cousin’s to celebrate with my family.  I haven’t seen them in a while because we normally go to Hunter’s family celebration for Easter but this year it just worked out.  So, I need to get all those Easter outfits together tomorrow so we’ll be ready to go on Sunday morning.  Oh, and put together the Bunny delivery.  Tomorrow. 

Busy, right? 

Madness is what it is!  But I’m really enjoying my maternity leave to be honest and despite some..battles…with the boys, we’ve really adapted to them staying home with me in the afternoons after school (they get out at 12-we pulled them out of afterschool while I’m at home).  I think we’re all enjoying it now!

So, what are your weekend plans?  How are you celebrating the rising of our Savior this Easter Sunday?


(Yes, I realize this is Thursday but you’ve seen how my week has gone.  I may not get back on here until next week!)

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