Heartsy.me: A Daily Deal Site for Etsy! (and a few other deal sites)

Thanks to We Are That Family for a very cool new site tip!

There are a lot of daily deal sites out there now.  Groupon, Ruelala, DealMobs, Mamapedia…it goes on and on. 

BUT, here’s a new one that I am going to love I think. 

heartsy is a new site that offers daily deals for ETSY which, if you’ve been living under a rock is a handmade goods site!  AWESOME.  I haven’t bought anything yet but I have definitely signed up for this one

We’re still on an ultra-tight budget but I’ve been able to get a few great deals through these sites like:

3 Redbox rentals for $1 from Groupon (twice now—that’s how often we use them)

$10 for $20 at Moe’s from Groupon (we love Moe’s!)

Used a $20 sign up credit at Ruelala and got a free bag for our portable DVD bag

$10 for a subscription to National Geographic Kids ($24 value)
(This deal is still good for one more day I think!  And if you use the code EASTER10, you get 10% more off.  Oh! I just found another code, MOMS5, which will make this $5.  You also get a $5 credit when you sign up with Mamapedia.  I only paid $5 for our subscription. The boys have been wanting this one but the price was ridiculous)

I will admit that these sites can tempt you to spend more money than you might normally because they make everything seem like a deal when its not.  For us, I rarely have extra money to spend in the first place, but I try to make sure my purchases are for $10 or less.  If you’re new to these deal sites, be sure to always read the fine print…some of them do NOT include shipping and have certain other limitations. 

Overall, deal sites can be great for frugal living, as long as you don’t forget to be frugal!  And now, I’m excited to see what heartsy has to offer.

Ok, Mr. Crankypants is fussing so I must run! 

Have a great weekend!


If there is a link, it is my affiliate link which means there is potential for me to earn credits if you sign up through my link.  I hope you don’t mind signing up through those links if you don’t have an account already! 


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