I love free food samples

A while back, I joined several sample sites after reading about all the products that other bloggers were always testing.  I’ve been meaning to mention a few of those sites to yall but its always on the backburner. 

One of my favorite sites to sign up for samples when they are available is the Kraft FirstTaste website.  It’s a free site, obviously sponsored by Kraft.  As they release new products, there are often opportunities to sign up for a sample to try and complete a survey on.  These have always been FULL SIZE samples in my experience.  Even better, often the sample packs come with a coupon for a free full-sized coupon as well as other high dollar coupons for you to use and share with your friends.  Awesome, right?

My most recent sample to try out was the Philadelphia Cooking Creme.  I found it in the section with the regular cream cheese.  Its a small carton that you will think isn’t enough for a meal–it is enough. 

cooking creme

I’d never used a Cooking Creme before but honestly, if it’ll help me out on during the week when our life tends to be a little crazy, I was willing to try it.  I’ve learned to embrace a little bit of convenience when it makes our week nights a bit easier and gives me more time with my boys.  For the right price. 🙂

I purchased the Italian Cheese and Herb variety and decided to make a chicken pasta with carrots and broccoli. 

I’m not a food blogger…there are no pictures of our meal.  Basically, we had 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts that we had grilled the night before.  I  sliced the chicken into thin slices and warmed it in a skillet, cooked the pasta and added it to the skillet, tossed in the frozen vegetables, added the Cooking Creme and let it simmer for a few minutes.  Done! In about 15-20 minutes! 

How’d it taste?

Pretty good actually.  I thought it was a little strong and herby but it was very good.  The kids gobbled their servings up and even Hunter liked it, despite the broccoli in there, which he hates.  I think that next time we use it, I’ll not use the entire carton. I should have added some, taste-tested and then added more from there.

The Philadelphia Cooking Creme got our stamp of approval!  The small container cost 1.59 at Wal-Mart so this is definitely affordable as well. 

I want to add that I didn’t have to write this post.  All they ask is that you tell your friends and family about their products and also come back and fill out a survey.  I did get a free sample and another coupon from Kraft FirstTaste but they do not require that you do a follow up post to get free samples.  I wanted to share this opportunity with anyone who hasn’t signed up yet!  No side benefits for me.  I just liked the product.



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