Renovation Update: Master Bath Plans

A post that is not about the new baby!  Are you amazed?  I could go on and on about how in love with this baby that I am but I won’t today.  But he is really cute and chunking up.  Thank goodness.  🙂

Instead, we’ll talk about the other house.  Fun, right?  Sadly, our renovation has been moving very slow.  Well, in spurts would be a better description but money and time don’t always add up, do they? 

Hunter has been working on the house this winter when work was slow so a lot of the “bigs” that had to be done before anything else are now finished. The biggest of these items was to repair areas of severely damaged and rotten subfloors in the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room.  Hunter finished this all up and we thought we were done…until I removed the linoleum from the small (kid/guest) bathroom just before the baby came and found more subfloor that needs to be completely replaced.  Soooo, that’s on Hunter’s list again.  It has to wait until the other bathroom is done though. (Early on, we made a decision to keep one of the bathrooms (the toilet really) in working order so we could use it while we were there.  Since the master was in a lot worse shape than the small bath, we kept the toilet in the small bath and gutted the master bath.) 

As a refresher, here’s a picture of the master after the demo:

master bath

The master bath isn’t a huge room and it’s long and rectangular.  The view in this picture is from the door entering the bathroom from the master bedroom.  Just to the right of the door is a small shower and to the left is where the vanity/sink sits.  The door trim you see about midway down on the right side of the photo is a small linen closet.  The toilet sits where you see the blue on the floor (bag tied to the toilet drain thing). 

You can see in this picture that this picture is before we repaired the floor.  Now, there is a beautiful plywood subfloor that is strong and sturdy. 

Here’s a shot of the linoleum we ripped up out of both bathrooms.

bathroom floor

Ugly, no?  We found some very economical tile at Home Depot that has now been purchased for this bathroom.  I couldn’t find a great picture of it  on Home Depot’s really crappy website but this is it, I think.


We liked it because it has some grayish hues to it along with some khaki so it gives us options on paint and grout.  My only stipulation on grout is that it is NOT white.  I want a darker grout so it won’t always look dirty.

You might also  have noticed that the drywall needed a lot of repair.  Here’s why:

bathroom wallpaper

Nice 1978 wallpaper, right?  Half of it peeled off easily and the rest was so attached that some of the drywall paper ripped off.  Sigh…

Hunter and have already cut out the ripped portions to eliminate any potential bubbles and then mudded and repaired the walls. Next up is sanding the mud smooth so I can get in there to prime and paint the walls. Right now I’m trying to decide on a paint color.  I’m leaning toward (today anyway) a simple, khaki.  I’ve picked Ralph Lauren’s Sisal which you can see here.…I’ll probably use a color match of another brand though. I tried to pull it off the web for you but was unsuccessful.  It’s the third one over on the second row.  It looks a little gray on my computer but isn’t on the sample card. Also, since this bath is pretty small, I’m hoping to have enough paint leftover to go ahead and paint the laundry room the same color.

We’re going to do a semi-gloss on the walls because it seals the walls better to keep moisture out.  All the trim in the house will be painted high gloss white, much to my dismay. There’s just no way to match the dark trim in there to the new flooring and we can’t afford to replace all the trim at this point.  We’re hoping most of the trim will come off easy for floor installation and can be salvaged.

A few weeks ago, I picked up this shower curtain on clearance for $7 at Target that I love and am planning to use in our new bathroom. 

shower curtain

This will replace the one I bought back in, oh 2001 for my duplex that we’re still using!  It looks gray in the picture but its more of a soft, smoky blue and cream which will be nice and peaceful with the khaki I hope. 

Reeeaaaalllyyyy ugly light fixture alert!

master ugly light 

Yes, its gone. 

Here’s what I want over the sink.


Its the Barnyard Electric Double Mini Warehouse Vanity fixture and retails for $275.  Isn’t it lovely and simple?

And, yep, out of my budget. 

BUT, I am hoping that we are able to do a simple copycat using two of these outdoor fixtures:

master copycat1

master copycat2

Both fixtures can be ordered from Lowes.  The first is $19.98 and the second is $17.98.  You can’t beat those prices!  I’m leaning toward the second fixture; I like the rustic and simple look I think it’ll bring to the room.  I’ll let yall know if our “plan” works.


Do yall know how much vanities and countertops cost?  Sheesh.  This is the biggest thing we have not agreed on in here.  In my dreams, I want a vanity that looks something like this:


but it is from Restoration Hardware and OUT OF MY BUDGET at nearly $3500 (who spends that?!?) I mean, that’s 1/3 of our total estimated budget honestly!  I do love that it looks like a piece of furniture though. 


I’ve also tried to convince Hunter that we could build something like this

master to build vanity

but Hunter isn’t on board with my idea.  lol.  This vanity is from Home Depot and is $800 without the counter top.  Sigh…I really like this one a lot.  I love, love, love the shelf on the bottom.  I’d probably hate dusting that shelf but this style really appeals to me.  I think it would open the room up a lot which would be nice in these smaller bathrooms.


Chances are, this is what we’ll go with to save time:


This is a “custom” option at Home Depot from MasterBath.  We need a 48 inch base and a counter top.  With this option we get to pick the type of doors we want, could get a nicer counter top and is just slightly higher in cost than the “out of the box” options we have. I believe this one was priced to us at about $400-450 with a countertop. 

We haven’t decided on the faucets and such yet because we need to get the lights up and see what finish we go with there. 

That’s about it.  Our goal is to get the master bath primed and painted this week (my job) and the tile laid and grouted (Hunter’s job).  THEN we’ll figure out the vanity thing and work on our lighting. 

Any ideas or suggestions or advice for us?  It seems crazy to focus on this one room but Hunter keeps telling me he needs to see some closure somewhere in the house.  After we accomplish this room, I’ll be focusing on priming and painting. 

I think this is the longest post yall have gotten from me in a while!  And I may have said the words “simple” and “rustic” about 100 times!


This also took me most of the week in what little free time I get right now to write! 


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