More excitement in the never ending saga of this pregnancy


I’m 38.5 weeks.  Who’s counting?!?  hahahahaha!

Almost 2 weeks ago I had my 37 week appointment and the doctors were quite startled to see that the baby’s head was measuring around 42 weeks already.  And the doctor’s measurements indicated that the baby was pushing 9 pounds already.

Excuse me?  I have 7 pound babies.  I’ve got 2 to prove it.

Off to a 3-D ultrasound we go.  The 3-D doctor didn’t think the baby weighed quite as much (closer to 8 pounds) but he got the same head measurements.  Oh my. 

After much discussion with the specialist and our OB, we decided to do an amnio this past week (38 weeks) to see if the baby’s lungs were ready for delivery because it will be hard for me to deliver a baby at 40 weeks (when my kids normally come…the last minute) that has a head the size of a 1 month old.  The weight, I’m not so worried about to be honest.  It’s the big ol’ head!  The plan, as explained to us, was that we would be induced that afternoon or the next morning because the chance of the baby’s lungs being ready was about 85%.

The amnio was Thursday.  Quite a lot of worry for a needle to be honest.  But it seriously HURT.  I have no idea why people voluntarily go through this if there is no indication of anything wrong.  It HURT.  A LOT.  Never want to do that again.  And I didn’t want an induction.  I don’t want an induction.  I don’t.  But, for the baby to get here safely and without a c-section, I was going to go through with it.

We killed an hour in town and then spent an hour and a half in the doctor’s office trying to do a non-stress test but baby was annoyed with the whole amnio thing and wasn’t in the mood to cooperate.  We were waiting for the 3-D/amnio doctor to call.

The phone rang and the verdict was in…

the baby’s lungs were NOT ready. 

Change of plans.  The doctors cannot induce knowing that the lungs aren’t ready and why would I want to, right?  Many, many tears of frustration followed.  I was glad that we did the amnio because we knew the baby wasn’t ready.  I was upset because I had finally gotten myself to the place where I was ok with the induction.  I was prepared to deal with the horrid Pitocin.  I was ready to meet our baby and to find out what he or she is. 

I was ready to deliver and not have a c-section.

But it wasn’t meant to be.  Our baby wasn’t ready.  Isn’t ready.

The doctors still want to do an induction next Thursday.  We’ll be 39 weeks on Thursday and I am scheduled to go in on Thursday.  I’m still nervous and dreading the Pitocin but I also know that if it is possible for me to deliver this baby without a c-section, my chances are better next week.  The baby will be almost 3 weeks bigger as it is. 

I’m scared, nervous, and anxious.  I am ready to meet our little one and get him or her here, safe and sound, and to hold him/her in my arms and see who’s been kicking me for weeks upon weeks.  Ultrasound pictures show us that this baby really is a combination of our boys…looks like JP’s cheeks and JL’s lips.  I can’t wait. 

Please keep praying for us in the next week.  I’m still hoping and praying to just go into labor on my own but my kids….they’re not known for willingly doing what mama wants.  Pray for my boys, who are excited and nervous about the changes a baby brings.  Pray for Hunter, that he can deal with these crazy emotions, that we can make the right decisions and just to be with him while he’s with me through labor and delivery, no matter the method.  Pray for me!  And for a vaginal delivery!  Pray for our baby to be ok, healthy and safe. 

I’m still knitting like crazy and this nesting/cleaning is RIDICULOUS.  But…it is a nice distraction. 

If you’ve got a blog and are commenting, I am reading!  I do visit but I haven’t been commenting much myself.  I’ll get back to the regularly new scheduled program soon.  I have so many updates for this blog, all the way back to November when JP had his 5th birthday. And the renovation is slowly but surely going.   We’ve hit major snags and have had to deal with some serious issues with the house but we’ll still working.  I have the burns on my fingers to prove it!

Thanks for continuing to read and for your prayers!


3 thoughts on “More excitement in the never ending saga of this pregnancy

  1. Major prayers headed your way. I had an emergency c/s w/ The Preschooler and a VBAC w/ The Toddler. I WILL NEVER do a c/s again if I can at all help it (which means no induction EVER for me b/c of risks due to my old scar). Sending belly prayers your way that baby's head isn't really as big as they think and baby is born healthy when he/she's good and ready. On the good side – the more babies you have, the sooner they tend to come – so they say.

  2. Carrie, don't give up! You can have a vaginal birth. Almost a year ago now my DS was born at 9 lb 13 oz with a 15-inch head (apparently that is practically off the charts). I had an unmedicated childbirth and it was an awesome experience. I was at 40w6d when he was born and two days shy of an induction. Being unmedicated I was able to walk, rock, sit on the birthing ball, etc. and he was born 8 hours after I got to the hospital. It also helped me curve my pelvis so he could get his big ol' head under my pubic bone and not get stuck.If you haven't seen a chiropractor I recommend it, it's not too late and it will align your body and make giving birth easier. Also, hypnobabies has a track you can download for 10 dollars (I think) called "come out baby" that I used because I was afraid I was going to be forced into an induction. Who knows if he would have come anyway but at the very least listening to it really relaxed me, which I'm sure helped.Lastly, ultrasounds are not always accurate. With my daughter they thought she was going to be small and she was 8 lb 10 oz. My sister is currently pregnant with twins and she had u/s on two consecutive days and their weights varied by a pound. I was talking to another friend last night who was told that her baby's head was in the 100th percentile and his legs were in the 15th – when he was born he was perfectly proportionate, just big – he was about 9 lb.I will be thinking of you and hoping that you can have the birth experience you want!!

  3. Hey girl, I know everyone is giving you advice and all, but to be honest with you I have been induced and not induced. I have had a c section and a vaginal birth. At the end I got the same results a sweet little baby. Both have good parts and bad parts. Don't worry we are praying for you and know that Lord is in control. Love ya,Ashli

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