32 weeks: A pregnancy update

I haven’t really taken the time to post up an update on our pregnancy.  It seems to have flown by, this last baby.  Its hard to believe that in 8 weeks or less, we’ll be a family of five.  Five! 

First, I can answer the question, have you been sick?
OF COURSE.  I’m pregnant.  With both of the boys, I actually lost nearly 30 pounds before I began to gain.  Sick for six straight months.  Both times.  Zofran was my friend.

This time around, I’ve been sick.  Violently sick.  But I only lost about 4 pounds before I began gaining.  Not a good sign as far as weight goes!    Despite being sick, randomly, violently, unpredictably, I’ve also been starving.  Constantly.  I’m rarely not hungry.  And this pregnancy, I’ve been your typical pregnant woman, waking up at 3am to eat and having a craving that had to be fulfilled instantly…Lemon Meringue pie at 9 am anyone?

Second, no we didn’t find out the sex.  We’ll have another surprise.  We’ve never found out the sex of any of our children and we could never change that.  The excitement in the delivery room makes 9 months of not knowing totally worth it.  I will admit that I’ve struggled more with it this time because a friend is pregnant with me, due a week ahead of me and she is having a girl.  But we’re standing firm.

Third, this baby moves a whole lot.  And is staying VERY LOW.  Painfully low.  From the very beginning, this kid has hung out near the exit route.  I’m not sure I’ve ever hurt so much (minus labor) and been so uncomfortable.  And I’ve had a June baby!

Fourth, the placenta is on top of the baby which means that I am not feeling all of the movements.  I see this as a blessing because, to be honest, this baby kicks ALOT and painfully so!  I shudder at the thought of what it would be like to feel all of the kicks!

We had our second 3D ultrasound today which was so much fun!  Because I am hypothyroid, there are certain risks which the doctors like to monitor with a second ultrasound.  One of those concerns is the size of the baby…women who are hypothyroid often have smaller babies and also stand a risk of the baby having fetal thyroid issues (enlarged thyroid).  The 3D ultrasound today showed us that the baby’s thyroid is sized normally and also that the baby is not small.

Not small.

At all.

In fact, at 32 weeks, the baby already weighs nearly 5 pounds!  I am a little shocked by that!  Both of the boys barely weighed 4 pounds at this point and JP barely weighed 5 pounds at 37 weeks when they sent us for a rush ultrasound because he was small.  (Both boys delivered at normal weights, JP at 7 pounds, 1 ounce, JL at 7 pounds, 6 ounces).  The doctor today said that, if we make it to 40 weeks, the baby will most likely be closer to 9 pounds.  And the baby’s head was measuring closer to 36 weeks instead of 32.  Lord help me.  I’m scared!  JL (the younger) had a big ol’ head and his brother or sister is going to follow suit!  Averaged out though, the baby is measuring about 34 weeks rather than 32.  I’ve said all along that the baby would be bigger and would be born earlier than the boys.  It looks like I may be right!

We also got a chance to see the baby’s face and he or she is beautiful!  JP’s cheeks and JL’s lips!  I am always amazed at how much you can see in these ultrasounds!  Amazing. 

Our due date is March 10th.  Who thinks I’m going to make it until then??  And anyone care to guess a weight?  Maybe, after the baby is born, I’ll pick a winner for a little homemade BRMM prize from the closest guess!


(And in case you haven’t been watching the news, we received a ridiculously fabulous amount of snow this week which shut our state DOWN so there will be a ton of pictures to follow, along with some more of our White Christmas.  I had some technical difficulties loading pictures)

3 thoughts on “32 weeks: A pregnancy update

  1. Don't blame you for not wanting to know the gender until the little one arrives; why take all the fun out of the end days of your pregnancy? Praying for a safe delivery with a healthy baby cast into your arms.

  2. Oh boy(or girl)! We have two boys too and while I'd like to have a little girl someday, I have a feeling that we can only make boys. . . tends to run in his family. Those 3D ultrasounds are amazing! My sister had one and I got to go watch with my son (he was almost 1 yr old at the time) and my son even recognized the image as a person and waved at his little cousin! So do you think your little one looks like a girl or a boy?We found out with both of my boys. I SWORE I wouldn't and I caved both times. With the younger one, we didn't tell anybody. Next time I'm NOT finding out, The Hubs has been directed to tell the u/s tech to not even ask if I want to find out. Haha.I wouldn't worry too much about those u/s measurements. They aren't always right. My cousin had a 10 lb. son and they told her that her daughter's measurements indicated that she'd probably be 9 lbs. and she was a whopping 7 lbs. 1. oz. My doctor also told me my boys would be at least 8 lbs. and they were 7.3 and 7.6.Hang in there and Good luck!

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