2011: New Year, New Goals

For our family, 2011 is going to be an eventful and interesting year.   I won’t say it is what we had planned or that we are completely happy with what we think is going to happen.  Plans are just ideas after all, but Hunter and I have hard decisions to make in the upcoming months. 

I’d started this post light-hearted with rambling goals but now I don’t know if I even want to post it.  I’m not in a very “positive mood” right now.  I’m feeling down and sad and I’m dreading going back to work tomorrow because I have truly enjoyed the time I’ve had off this year with my family.  It’s been the most relaxing Christmas and New Year’s I feel like we’ve had in a long time.  Things have been settling down and we know that’s about to change.  Hunter and I are dragging our feet, pep-talking one another and holding back when we want to just yell for quiet sometimes.  It’s been a great Christmas.  And going back to work tomorrow means going back to reality…to life. 

(Trying to send Debbie Downer out the door).  2011 holds a lot of changes for us.  Things we’ve been preparing for and I’m SURE things that we have no idea that we’ll be hit with.  The most exciting thing is that we KNOW we’re having a baby in March. MARCH!  We’re so excited.

We KNOW we’ll be moving this year.  Which means we’ve got a lot of work to do.

We KNOW our first babe will start Kindergarten this year (WHAT?!?  How did THIS happen?  He was born yesterday!)  The younger will be a Pre-K kid too!  I could cry.  (I WILL cry).

Needless to say, there’s a LOT going on behind the scenes at BRMM that just isn’t getting blogged, what, with 2 kids, a business, a full-time job, and trying to keep my head above water!  And in the background, there’s a lot of concern and worry that I’m trying very hard to keep at bay as worry gets you nowhere.  Absolutely nowhere. 

So, I’m keeping the goals light this year.  I know that my focus is going to be on keeping us sane and helping the boys adjust to having a brother or sister (and mama and daddy adjusted to having THREE…we’ll be outnumbered folks, OUT numbered).  There are several purchases that I’ve listed as goals too.  I thought about separating them out but that just seemed way to complicated.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

1.  Sew a few things for the baby before he or she gets here:  burp cloths, bibs, a blanket, cloth wipes, wash cloths, etc .  Also, knit new baby a blanket once he or she is here as is my tradition.  🙂

2. Have a baby!

3.  Renovate my parents old house with Hunter and get us moved by the end of summer.

4.  Have a garden at our current house and start prepping soil at “new” house for garden next year.

5.  Get all of the animals moved and settled (requires building new chicken coop, moving rabbit, fencing in backyard for dog).

6.  Get boys enrolled in 4-H to show livestock (not sure yet which one…pigs or sheep).

7.  Save up down payment for bigger family car (a must have).  We’re looking for decent mileage, larger SUV (Expedition, Excursion or Suburban) and the right price.  Not asking for much, right?!?

8.  Read one non-fiction book each quarter of the year (I’m being realistic…we’re having a baby).  I’d like to read some books on small scale farming , sustainable practices, spiritual and also more sewing/knitting books.  As an obsessive reader and re-reader, I read a lot of fiction books and I feel like I need to expand my brain so to speak.  I have a full list of books on my Amazon wish list that I keep adding to.

9.  Buy an SLR camera with cash.

10.  Buy a pressure canner with cash

11.  Build the emergency fund up before winter hits us again

12.  Purchase 2-3 more hens…I would like to buy some Buff Orpington hens to add to our little flock because, well, they’re beautiful.  See?

LOVE this caramel color!

13.  Blog at least 3 times a week.  I haven’t been very consecutive and I have completely missed documenting some family events which makes me SAD.

(and last but not least, this is a completely personal one…)

14.  Lose the baby weight with a healthy diet and exercise
        I’ll add a bullet here of buying a bike to help with this and starting to save up for a Wii for more exercise opportunities (plus the boys and Hunter would love those hunting games you can buy for them).  Hunter, either of these sound like a GREAT Mother’s Day gift as that’s post baby!  love ya!

I will throw out one dream that Hunter and I have. I don’t want to put it as a definite goal because we have a lot going on this year but its a family dream goal I guess.

2011 Family Dream Goal:  We would like to find a few acres to rent so we could purchase some calves and hogs to raise. 

What about you?  Goals or resolutions?  If you’ve got your goals/resolutions/plans posted on your blog, leave me a link! I’d love to read what you’re working on this year and send out some encouragement.  Or, if you’re not a blogger, post a few here.  I’m setting myself a reminder to re-evaluate my goals in 3, 6, and 9 months! 



5 thoughts on “2011: New Year, New Goals

  1. I'm a bum – no goals or resolutions!Well, no official ones anyway. I am trying to exercise more regularly and eat more vegetables as my little girl is almost a year and a half and I still have weight to lose!Praying for you as you go back to work. I remember how hard that is.

  2. But Lara, you're so skinny anyway! I've always been a little overweight have being hypothyroid, its a real struggle to LOSE weight. Blah. Not thinking about it now. Just not.

  3. Wow … that's quite a list of goals with some very exciting things coming up! I'm hope Debbie Downer goes away TODAY and you find your smile without worry 🙂 Renovating a house sounds like so much fun! And we have buff Orpingtons. Love 'em. In fact, I was just out taking photos – they're so beautifully golden in the sunshine. Have a wonderful day and good luck at work!

  4. Man plans, God laughs so I've found it best to make my plans flexible -smile-. My immediate plan is to get my husband through his treatments for cancer and home again so he can begin to build up his strength. Simple plans but plans for us to prosper and do well, as God intended.

  5. Carrie sounds like a full but great year coming up for your family! One surprise for you-you won my Spread the Love for December! Send me your address and I'll send you a prize ; )tipper@blindpigandtheacorn.com

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