The 2010 Recap Before Goals

I decided to look back at the goals I’d set last year.  I’m kind of dreading doing this…I doubt we met many of them.  And a lot of things have changed this year!  2010 has been…eventful.

(These goals were posted on January 1, 2010.  My comments are in italics.)

1. Participate in another Bible study at church.
     YES!  I completed the Beth Moore Daniel Bible Study and loved it. 

2. Date night with Hunter—monthly.
     No.  We have squeezed in several date nights (or lunches or breakfasts) but not a monthly date night. 

3. Respond more. React less. I want to work on how I react to my children (and Hunter). Less angry voice. More talking. Less yelling. More tuning in. I love these kids so much and I worry that they’ll remember me as a yelling mom rather than a loving one. Less no and more yes (but not spoiling them…it’s a fine line isn’t it?!?)
     Yes.  I’ve worked a lot on this and feel like I’ve improved.  Definitely not perfect but improvement is what I was looking for and I’m glad I chose this past year to focus on this more.

4. Knit more. 
    Can I change this to sew more?   If so, then YES! I’ve sewn ALOT this year.  Knitted, not so much.  But I have finished 2 hats for the baby so I’m happy with that. 

5. Go out to dinner with my high school best friend.
     No.  That’s terrible.  But I’ve already sent her an email and plan on setting up dinner before this baby comes.

6. Be a better friend in general. Call more. Just be there and tune in more.
    ??  I’m not sure.  I’m trying.

7. Blog more.
     I can’t say that the number of blogs for the year is more than 2009.  And I haven’t blogged everything I’ve written for reasons that remain unknown to me…just not ready in my head.  But, I have enjoyed blogging more this year (less like a chore which I’d let it become).

8. Focus on Hunter and I’s relationship more. The kids like to occupy every second of my attention and I love them dearly. But I shouldn’t neglect the relationship that I have with my husband either. He’s the love of my life.
   Yes!  Hunter and I have been working on making sure we talk more and staying in tune with each other.  We still have those weeks where it feels like we’re living on separate planets but our relationship is stronger.  I’ll admit I’m a little nervous with the baby coming about how we’ll handle that but I know we’ll find our balance again. 

9. Walk 2-3 times per week. I need EXCERSIZE. If I can’t walk, I need to do the evil Jillian Michaels DVD.
   UMMMMMMM, NO COMMENT.  hahahaha.  No way. 

1. Set up a real debt repayment schedule and get to it—we’ve been spinning our wheels and we’re sick of it.
    We established a plan and stuck to it this year.  We no longer use nor have major credit cards.  But, we’re not in a better situation.  I’m not sure where we’ll go from here but we have serious decisions to make soon.

2. Cut my weekly grocery budget by $20 $10. We’re at about $70 a week ($280/month on 4wk months).
    YES!  For the most part, we’ve done pretty well on groceries!  I’m still couponing and buying during sales so I’m quite happy with this.

3. Take the $10 we’re cutting from groceries ($40 monthly) and put it in a savings each week to replenish the emergency fund
    No.  Unfortunately, we needed the extra to cover expenses. 

4. Save up money for pipe needed to install wood stove in basement (part of short-term savings goal)
     No.  We’re planning to sell the house in the spring so this is no longer a goal.

5. Build up camera fund using Swagbucks and anything earned with surveys
   No.  I used it for Christmas instead.  :)  Again.  But I have my camera fund established again and I hope to have an SLR camera by late summer if possible.  This is a cash only purchase.

6. Really set up short-term savings for planned purchases…boots, work clothes, vet visits, tires, triple wall pipe for stove, etc.
    YES!  We’ve used the cash we’ve saved for purchases.  The real point of this was to end our reliance on credit cards.  I’m very proud of us.  It has also made us much more cognizant of what we’re spending.  And we’ve become better planners.

7. Buy a pressure canner
   No.  We didn’t even have a garden this year so I canned very little.  I will plant a garden this year, even with the moving plans because the likelihood of the house selling immediately is pretty slim. 

1. Improve on the garden (again!) and the herbs
   (See #7 above)

2. Plant bulbs and root hydrangeas from grandmother’s yard

3. Figure out what to do about the water issue in the chicken coop
    Kind of.  Mulch banks helped a lot.  And more mulch.  We are already planning for a new coop at the other house that will be much easier to clean out and also to add mulch to.

4. Plant blackberry and blueberry bushes.
    No, I’m waiting until we move. Maybe we can plant some this spring at the other house so that they’ll start producing the next year.

5. Buy a bow (add to financial: save that money up) and begin shooting.

6. Continue to frugally decorate our home.
    YES!  I’ve been shopping thrift stores, sewing, etc.  I’ve also done a lot of moving things around to change things up.  No major purchases this year.

7. Work with Hunter to build that kitchen table I so desperately want. Ours is literally falling apart and it’s not really repairable anymore. We’ve tried.
    No.  😦

8. Work with Hunter on getting the basement cleaned up and usable as we can save the money for it.
   It’s slightly more organized but we decided not to pursue investing a lot into the basement since we’re moving.

9. Can more from the garden.

10. Install wood stove (have stove, need very expensive pipe)
     No—no longer a goal

11. Improve the stockpile (organized and more practical)

I guess that’s about 50/50 right?  I think its good to reflect on what we wanted to achieve verses what we actually achieved.  It gives me an idea of where our priorities were this year and how our focus shifted. 

So, how did you do this year?  Did you set goals or resolutions?  What was your biggest accomplishment this year?


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