New Year’s Eve, 2010

Tonight we’ll cuddle up in our house, just the four of us, for one last night of the year. 

Blue Ridge Mountain Mama 
(random…one of my favorite pictures from Christmas…sister-in-law’s house)

Next year will be full of more known changes (becoming a family of five(!), remodeling a house, moving, selling a house, starting (gulp) kindergarten) and unknown changes. 

It’s been a wonderful year for our little family, hard at times but wonderful.  I’ am so thankful that we are all healthy, happy and here together.  What more could I ask for that to spend this last night with the ones I love in our home with tiny feet reminding me of their presence. 

Tomorrow, we’ll eat at my dad’s shop…our New Year’s tradition…with our family and our friends.  Last year, there were sixty who gathered to eat our turnip greens and black eyed peas among other things.  It was a wonderful time and we are looking forward to this time.

Who knows what the next year will bring!  We are blessed, provided for and reside in love. 

May your new year be blessed and many prayers for health and happiness!


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