On Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving has passed.  A birthday and an anniversary has passed.  And I’ve written nothing. 

I’ve come to accept that blogging and life simply can’t always be done fluidly.  The ebb and flow of my blog is probably annoying to some but I think this blog reflects my life.  Ebb and flow.

Thanksgiving for our family was nice.  Great food, no running around, time with family, lots of laughs.  It was as it should be. 

But I need to tell you that in the back of my mind, my heart was sad.  You see, friends of ours lost their 7 year old little boy on Wednesday, November 17th.  Mason went on to be with God at around 5:45 pm while I was standing in his bedroom, hanging his little sister’s clothes up. 

Born with Spina Bifida, he’d fought his entire life to simply walk.  He was inspiration.  His mama was told to abort him when a 20 week ultrasound showed that he had Spina Bifida.  She refused.  They “gave up” everything for Mason and I know that they don’t even realize it.  To them, they were given everything with Mason.  His mama was his champion.  She fought for every surgery, every advancement, every program that Mason needed; his daddy stood right next to her and fought too.  They worked hard to give him a normal life and they wanted everyone to treat him like a regular kid.  Because, despite a crooked spine, 25 (I think) surgeries shunts and difficulty walking, Mason was a sharp kid who loved to talk and play.  If you met him, he’d say, “Hey, I’m Mason.  Who are you?  What’s your name?  What are you doing?”  He was so special and so wonderful and inspired every single person he met.    He never complained and he was always smiling.  We are all certain that when we get to Heaven, Mason will be waiting to greet us all!

I’ve cried tears and prayed for his family every single say since I saw he was in the hospital again.  I’ve sat in JP’s basketball practice and squalled my eyes out because the last time I saw Mason, he was at his second basketball practice and he was SO proud and happy.  He’d begged to play ball and his mama and daddy had cleared it with the doctor.  Four days later, he was gone, a virus and high fevers causing other problems that led to his passing.  It doesn’t seem real that he’s gone.  We’ve taken meat to fill a freezer and I’ve helped clean their house before they came home—so little we had to offer, I wish it were more.    I don’t understand why this had to happen but I can tell you this.  God gave us all Mason for 7 short years to teach us all a lesson.  He’d turned 7 at the beginning of November.  I am certain that Mason inspired more people in 7 years than I have in my 31.  That speaks to me in a way I can’t tell you.  It makes me want to change. 

I have so many thoughts running through my head the past few weeks.  So many prayers and so many questions.  I’m afraid that I don’t have wonderful words like some would.  I’m still sad. And praying.  Because I want to live a life like Mason–happy, grateful, friendly, open, warm and loving. 

Thanksgiving has passed but I don’t want to stop counting my blessings.  With the beginning of the year, I’m going back to 1000 Gifts, counting my blessings with Ann. 

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.  Today, hug your babies and loved ones tight and tell them you love them. 


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