It’s a simple thing but it has made my life easier!

I hate to mop.

There. I said it. Like hate it with a purple passion but do it anyway. But, I hate carpet even more so it’s a no win situation.

Pre-children, I used a Swiffer until I heard rumors that the cleaner could be toxic to animals and I have had 4 indoor cats. True or not, I stopped using the Swiffer and went back to a regular mop.

Fast forward about 6 years, I’ve still been using a regular mop. Granted I have spent some money on a good mop but its still mopping. The boys are so messy, always spilling things and then there’s mud and weird sticky spots that I’m not even sure what they are. I was thinking of getting a Swiffer again. Seriously thinking on it.

Two weeks ago, I got the Target sales paper in the Sunday paper and noticed a new mop by Libman.

I liked the idea of this Freedom mop by Libman. It was designed like the Swiffer with a cleaner that sprays out and a scrub pad on the bottom. BUT, here’s what I really like about the Freedom mop.

First, the container for cleaner is removable and refillable. Part of Libman’s promotion is that you use the cleaner that YOU want. You’re not obligated to buy Swiffer’s cleaner. So, you can use Pine-Sol, Dawn, or some natural cleaner if you so choose. I like that. It lets me decide what I want to put on my floors (which is something I think about considering how much my kids and a new baby will play on our floors). Second, its more economical. Swiffer’s refill can run up to $5 a bottle. It’s easy to use half a bottle on a single mopping. That’s expensive!

I tend to mop with Dawn anyway just because its cheap and easy and safe. So, for about 0.05, I can mop my entire floor. Much more frugal.

The second feature I love about the Freedom mop is the scrub pad. It is washable! I LOVE THAT! I don’t have to buy more pads to clean with and I don’t have to search the web for ways to make my own (which I would). You can hand wash this pad or just throw it in the washer. Just don’t put it in the dryer.

I’ve used my mop a couple of times now and I love it. I love the convenience. I love the fact that I can clean my floors up in just a few minutes without dealing with buckets of water and a regular mop. Granted, its not a substitute for a regular mop but it helps me keep the house tidier and the floors less sticky on a daily basis!

The Libman mop cost me $16 on sale at Target. Through April, you can submit your receipt for a $5 rebate from Libman. So, once I get my rebate in, I paid $11 for a very handy mop that I am loving!

What’s your favorite timesaving tool for cleaning that is also frugal? I’m always looking for tips!


Libman has no idea who I am. I bought this with my own money and wanted to share how much I love this product.

Photo from the Libman website.

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