CSN: What I bought…

As part of my partnership with CSN over the past few months, I’ve been given two gift cards to purchase and review items from the CSN store

After much debate, I finally decided to be practical and order Christmas presents.  I KNOW.  I wanted kitchen items.  But I know that our budget is the worst around Christmas so I was trying to be smart.

I’ve been wanting to get the boys bean bags forever but I hate the price of them.  I wanted to get the ones with covers that can be personalized but really, $70, for a bean bag?  That’s not frugal.  I can make covers myself if I’m dying for them to have them, right?  In fact, I have a pattern printed.  🙂

Anyway, our toy room has a single rocking chair and my sewing/desk chair in it.  That’s it.  I had a glider but my heathens broke it about a year ago so Hunter brought in one of my beloved Cracker Barrel Rockers.  The kids really don’t have anywhere to sit.  I think bean bags will be a big hit with the kids and maybe, just maybe, Hunter and I can reclaim the living room for ourselves!

Using gift cards I received from CSN, I purchased two of these bean bags about two weeks ago:


Sorry the picture is so little and blurry.  I couldn’t pull a better one off the website! 

This is the X Rocker Large bean bag.  The bean bags I ordered are blue and red since I kind of have a semi-Americana theme going in the toy room.  I really wanted to get the matte bags but they didn’t have any in stock so I went for the shiny.

When I ordered these bean bags, CSN was offering free shipping on them so I only paid about $5 for the two bean bags!  Awesome.  They arrived in about 3 days which really surprised me.  I couldn’t believe they came so fast but there they were on the porch. 

Now, they’re hiding in the crawl space to the attic until Christmas!  I know the boys are going to love them.  I did take the both out, inspect them for obvious damage and also sat on them.  Had to try them out, right?

I’ve been very happy with my partnership with CSN.  If you haven’t tried their website yet, go check it out!  You can purchase just about anything from CSN and their prices are pretty good!  The customer service is great and the shipping is awesome.  I highly recommend them. 

So, get started on that Christmas shopping!  It’s next month after all.


To the rule makers in Washington:
I received two gift cards from CSN for doing for a partnership program.  I received these gift cards to review products.  I also occasionally get lucky and get asked to do giveaways from CSN for NO compensation…just a happy blog reader on occasion.  All of these thoughts and opinions are mine.  The end. 


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