On planning and surprises

Planning has never been one of Hunter and I’s best known traits as a couple. Despite my tendency towards lists, none of them ever get done. We always have plans but completing those plans on the timeline we set, well, that never happens. It’s just how we roll.

Take for instance our children.

After we were married for nearly a year, we decided that I would come off of my birth control pills. Not because we were ready to have a baby but because I was having migraines regularly and I’d read an article about how some birth control pills could cause migraines. We’d already tried switching to lower dose kinds to no avail. I came off the pills and the migraines disappeared; I also felt like a new person. Hmmm, what’s that medical science? Anyway, we were pretty careful but sin November, immediately after our anniversary, I thought I was pregnant. We’d stopped taking the pills in July.

Two weeks later, during Thanksgiving holiday, we lost our baby. I was devastated. I’d barely begun to believe it was true and I was barely late but I knew. Lost. That was all I could think of. We talked a lot about family after that and decided to wait until after our 2nd anniversary to start trying to have a baby.

In March (not November), I found out I was pregnant and then immediately started bleeding. Weeks of ups and downs, laying on the couch, crying, praying and begging God to please not take this baby that, sure we hadn’t planned on just yet, was wanted and loved. In November, God gave us our first son, JP. Our first surprise.
 We’d moved back to my hometown by this point (the August before we had JP) and had been living in my grandparents old house. JP was about 7 months old when we purchased our first house, six miles away. We moved into our house in September and life went on. We were happy and loving our home.

In October, I was at the Ag Expo in Tifton for work. I’d felt bad that morning and the heat was killing me. On the phone with my best friend, she jokingly said, “You’re not pregnant are you?” My immediate answer was “no, of course not.” On the five hour trip home, I wondered though. That Friday, JP and I made the trip to Walmart to buy a test; not because I love Walmart but because my aunt works at CVS and I didn’t want her seeing me buy it! I went home and took the test, even though I knew I should wait until morning.

It was positive.
 I started crying. And laughing. JP was the first person I told. He smiled and hugged me, all of almost 9 months old. When Hunter came home, we were sitting on the couch talking and I asked him what he thought about having more kids. He said he’d love to have another one later on. I asked him how it felt about it being a little quicker than that. He looked at me, stared and burst out laughing. Surprise number two was on the way. In June, God gave us our second son, JL.

The boys are 4.5 and 3 years old now. There have been so many changes in our lives and in there’s in those short 4.5 years. They fight like cats and dogs. We’ve gone back and forth on having another child. For a while, I didn’t want one. Then, Hunter didn’t want anymore. And with the behavior issues we’ve been having, neither of us was sure we could handle another! There’s been talk of whether or not we feel like our family is complete yet, and whether or not we should have another baby with the plans to move into my parents old house once we complete the remodel. We agreed that we would start trying in March of 2011 for our last baby.

But God…he has once again laughed at our plans.

I’m pregnant.

YES! We’re having a baby. It still feels very unreal to say that to people. I am almost 16 weeks along now and, after a few scares, we are doing great.

Remember this statement from above: We agreed that we would start trying in March of 2011 for our last baby. God’s plan, however, is different. Our baby is due on March 10th. We’re terribly excited and nervous and thrilled that God has chosen to give us another baby. All babies are a blessing and this one is wanted. And loved immensely.

I’ll go ahead and admit that it’s been like my other pregnancies but different. I’ve been viciously sick at times but I’m starving to death. With the boys, I was never hungry, was constantly nauseous, couldn’t eat and I lost 30 lbs. This one? I’ve lost one pound. One. I’ll have to be careful toward the end won’t it?!? It’s very different and I’m scared to death it’s a girl. We’ll find out in March when he or she arrives. Yes, we’re those people. The ones who refuse to find out the sex of our baby. Love us, m’ok?

I’ve waited and waited to share with yall but no longer. Today’s the day! We’re having a baby!  Hunter just stared at me, smiled and then touched my belly and said, “I knew you would be” when I woke him up to tell him on a Saturday morning (July 10th for the record) while the boys laid in bed beside him snoozing.  

Our family is growing.  Leaps and bounds.  And God continues to pour out his blessings.

Words can’t tell you how happy I am. 


What’s your biggest surprise ever?


4 thoughts on “On planning and surprises

  1. Congratulations! That poundage loss from being sick got less and less with each of my pregnancies…seems sort of like it should work the other way doesn' tit?

  2. Sarah you are SO right! You'd think you'd gain less and the pregnancy would be easier after a couple…this is most definitely NOT true!I could never be Michelle Duggar. I don't know how she does it!

  3. I am SO happy for you. Welcome to the '3 kiddos to keep up with' club. We're 7 months in to it and it i srough at times but I really do love it. The way my girls interract is so fun. I always say "Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans."

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