Summer In retrospect: Part 1

The spring and summer have flown by.  I wanted to share some pictures of what we have been doing this summer!



Yard fun…the kids LOVED the Slip-n-Slide!  I even went down once before I realized I was way too old.  It gave Hunter a good laugh.



First pony rides…big brother wasn’t so sure but he couldn’t let the little one outdo him!  The little one is thinking…”I should have brought my gun.”  JL’s life aspiration:  to kill deer and be a cowboy.  He even TOLD us needed his (wooden) gun.


Fourth of July Fireworks.  We’re into Buzz right now.


JP’s first t-ball season.  He loved it.  They had all of the kids sign the baseballs which was a great idea for a keepsake to go along with his trophy.

There’s some camping pictures buried somewhere on this computer.  I’ll find them eventually. 

More retrospect to come!

What did you do this summer?


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