When Hunter starts harassing me…

…about the fact that I haven’t:

1. blogged
2. announced the giveaway winner,

then you know its bad.   It’s just gotten away from me here lately.  There is so much going on in our little world of wanting to live simplistically.  There have been major changes to our plans (all good) and we’ve made some changes in our boys daily routine that I’m learning to live with now.  Summer has officially ended, despite 100 degree days lingering, and we’re getting into the school routine.

I am hoping to find some time to blog this week.  Right now, my focus has been on my family which is where it should be.  I also haven’t been commenting much but know that I am reading!

I’ll be back and with some really awesome news!  But, for now, the winner of the giveaway (thanks to random.org) is…………………………..

Melissa (adventuroo)! 
Melissa, please contact me at blue ridge mtn mama at gmail dot com.  (remove all the spaces in the beginning) with your mailing address by Friday so I can provide it to BlogSpark to release your prize pack! 
Hang tight my friends! 
Thanks again to BlogSpark and Suddenly Salad for this opportunity to host another fun giveaway.  I like to give presents!

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