Ramblings of the Week: already my favorite blog post of the week

I think that Amanda has quite possibly summed up a lot of how I feel in this post.  You HAVE to go and read it. 

The perfect quote that she used from Laura Ingles Wilder (the first part is from Amanda’s blog post):

The last chapter of Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder ends with a big decision for Almanzo. A neighbor, Mr. Paddock has asked him to apprentice as a wheelwright. Mr. and Mrs. Wilder talk about the possibility with Almanzo over dinner:

“Well, son, you think bout it,” said Father. “I want you should make up your own mind. With Paddock, you’d have an easy life, in some ways. You wouldn’t be out in all kinds of weather. Cold winter nights, you could lie snug, in bed and not worry about young stock freezing. Rain or shine, wind or snow you’d be under shelter. You’d be shut up, inside walls. Likely you’d always have plenty to eat and wear and money in the bank.”…
“But there’s the other side, too, Almanzo. You’d have to depend on other folks, son, in town. Everything you got, you’d get from other folks.

A farmer depends on himself, and the land and the weather. If you’re a farmer, you raise what you eat, you raise what you wear, and you keep warm with wood out of your own timber. You work hard, but you work as you please, and no man can tell you to go or come. You’ll be free and independent, son, on a farm.”

Think on it for a while.  Read Amanda’s post.  What a great perspective! 


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