DIY: A Bedroom Sign

A couple of months ago, the Nester had a Giveaway Day.  I, of course, entered every single one and, of course, didn’t win a darn thing.  Per usual.  Anyway, in looking at some of the donors websites, I fell in love with a quote from Song of Solomon that I saw on a picture frame:
“…I have found the one whom my soul loves.”  Song of Solomon 3:4
I kept thinking about it because its how I feel about my husband.  I knew I couldn’t buy the frame right now.  I also saw some really cute other signs that I also couldn’t buy.  Not in the budget.  So…I kept thinking and decided to try my hand at painting a sign for our bedroom.

Here’s what I finally came up with:


Isn’t it CUTE?!?  I can’t stop smiling at it!  Now, my paint job isn’t perfect but I. Don’t. Care.  I am hanging it up over our bed.  ASAP. Even though we’re gonna move in a few months. 
Now, the “how to” business.  This is simple and quite possibly, the lamest tutorial ever.
24 x 24 piece of pre-sanded plywood from Home Depot (pre-cut, straight off the shelf folks for $4.54)
1 can of black spray paint.  Mine was matte finish Rustoleum leftover from another project.
Craft paint (mine’s from Walmart) and brushes (one thin detail one and one bigger one)
For my stencil, I printed out the words on my computer in the outline format to save ink.  The font I used is called His Name is Honey.  This is a free font that I downloaded from Kevin and Amanda (click the link to get your own!) and that is sized at 150. I free-handed the Song of Solomon part, as if you couldn’t tell.  The birds are a combination of a couple of images I found online that I scaled down and combined by hand to look like one I saw on a couple of other crafty things that I liked.  
I spray painted the plywood first and let it dry; then I did a second coat.  The I spent a while using my Xacto knife to cut out my stencil. Once it was all cut out and cleaned up, I taped it down and shifted it a couple of different ways until I liked the layout.  Once I was happy with how it looked, I got started painting. 

After my first coat was on the letters, I removed the stencil and used my thin brush to clean up the letters.  I also used a sharp pointed screw (all I could find at that point) to scratch off some “oops” spots.  You can still see that around the edges but I’m contemplating sanding in spots to age it.  We’ll see.

Last was to add the birds.  This one took me a while.  I wanted them to look a certain way so I fiddled with the tail and the head of the bird until I got it right.  Legs are free handed (as you can also TELL). 
That’s it.   I am going to use picture hanger bars to hang it securely but then use some ribbon to make it look like it’s hung just from the ribbon (or maybe some twine….hmmm) if that makes any sense whatsoever.
I love it!  It’s definitely not perfect but it expresses perfectly how I feel about Hunter!



7 thoughts on “DIY: A Bedroom Sign

  1. That is cute! I wish I could do more crafting. I wish there was about 6 more hours to the day, and I had about 100% more energy than I currently have. congratulations on the DIY – those are the best things!

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