Georgia Scenes: The perfect farm house

I’ve driven by this house since 1997.  It sits outside of Madison and I first noticed it when I started driving down to college in South Georgia.  I loved it when it was falling apart.  The siding was gray.  The roof was caving in.  The porches were sagging.  I remember driving by it and thinking “what a shame to let such a fantastic house go to waste” every single time I drove by.  I even made my best friend at the time stop and take pictures a couple of times. 

When Hunter and I lived in Madison, I was so excited to see that someone was finally doing this house justice.  I mean, it’s the perfect farm house.  Look at the porch.


There could even be a porch on the 2nd floor right here.

And the porches could wrap all the way around.  It’s nearly there anyway!  There’s just a screened porch off the back.


I’ll admit that I’m just a little bit obsessed with this house.  I HAVE to pull off 441 and look at it nearly every time I drive by.  I think that if I could build a house, even though I don’t want a 2-story house, I’d build this one…or a smaller version of it.  It’s perfect. 

Sigh!  A girl can dream can’t she???


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