A Georgia scene: my newest favorite picture

Last week, I was in South Georgia. While I was down there, I was at my alma mater…the small town college where Hunter and I met.  I also drove around on my way home and snapped some photos. We’re always in need of new photos at work and I love taking them so it’s a win, win for me.

I’ve started carrying a camera with me everywhere I go.  It’s almost an addiction these days!  And I really, really love snapping small town photos.  Scenes around Georgia, my beloved home. 

Here’s the newest favorite for me:


It’s one of two grain bins on my college campus farm and I love it.  It just says Old South to me!  I’m sure that you’ll see this one again and again as I slowly begin working on remodeling this blog a little bit.

I used Picnik to fiddle with the colors a bit and came up with this version. It took about 10 minutes to find what I was looking for.  I am loving Picnik!  I’m thinking of having it printed as an 11 x 14 and framing it to hang in our house.  I have a few other ag pictures I’ve been saving to do the same thing with.  Its high time I started doing it.  I can get it printed at Walmart for about $8.

I’m small town and I love small town.  This picture just does it for me.  It reminds me of college, of living in a rural and very agriculturally reliant area, of meeting Hunter and falling in love, and of enjoying my small town life.   

Are you snapping photos of your life or are they just pictures in your memory?  Grab your camera.  Take some pictures.  I don’t have a fancy camera, just a point and shoot.  Even my work camera is a nicer quality, Canon point and shoot.  Some day…I’ll get a really good camera of my own.  But, for now, I have realized that it’s more important to preserve the memories than it is to worry about what kind of camera I took the picture with.  Set your camera on its high quality settings, carry extra batteries and memory cards and have fun! 


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