House Renovation: UPDATE!


We have been so busy around here during the last few weeks!  Craziness.  Between work, renovation, t-ball, swimming lessons, church, running a business and life in general, I don’t think we’ve SAT DOWN since about April! 

What’s been my biggest project?  Let me just show you…

full dumpster

Umm, yeah.  We did that.  By ourselves.  Hunter, Miguel, Adan and I worked our tails on Memorial Day to finish “Demo Day.”  Tired wasn’t the word for what we were. 

I’m planning on doing separate posts on different rooms as we go along but I wanted to show yall what the house looks like right now.  Prepare yourselves…it’s scary!


First, here’s the house:

Can you see it in there?  Needless to say, there’s a LOT of yard work to do as well.


This is a closer up view with the front porch


Former screened porch that will hopefully be closed in


Kitchen/Dining Room


Laundry room


Living room



Small Bath
   small bath 2 


Small bedroom

Middle bedroom


Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Now, it looks pretty bad doesn’t it?

Let me add a couple more pictures here.

Really ugly wallpaper in bathrooms

Circa 1979. 

Really bad light fixture


Linoleum that was in kitchen and bathrooms


And former countertops
No, not wood…laminate?  Fake wood look that honestly, held up very well.

Picture dark brown, ugly yellow and primary blue carpet in the bedrooms and you get the picture!

It’s been 31 years since anything was done to this house…literally.  I’m excited to make my childhood home our home for a while.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you look at it.  I cried several times during the cleaning process because it was just so much.  But, we’ve compartmentalized and we’re just going to think of it as individual projects.  That makes it seem less overwhelming for some reason. 

I’ll get into more of the details for each room later on but as you can see, it’s EMPTY!!! WOOOHOOO!  That was a huge undertaking in itself.  I trashed and donated so much stuff it was unbelievable.  I’ve also never felt so…wasteful…in my entire life.  It re-opened my eyes to that and made me start to really think about our home and how blessed we are with what we do have. 

There’s some structural work that has to be completed first (next).  We know that there is some termite damage as well so we need to get the house treated for that as well.  Then Hunter has floors to repair and ceilings.  We’ll also have someone come in and fumigate before we go any further. 

I am counting on yall’s help over the next few weeks.  I am going to be posting on each room and what I want to do in it.  I’d love to get feedback and advice from yall…opinions to ponder.  So, prepare yourselves.  I’m going to try to get back in the groove of things with blogging. 

Have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “House Renovation: UPDATE!

  1. It looks awesome to be, but boy you got your hands full! It looks like it will be an awesome location and a really nice house. Space. We need space in this cabin. 🙂

  2. It IS a lot of work to do! There are days, I don't even want to think about this house to be honest. But, it will be GREAT for our family, both financially and logistically. Maybe once I feel like we're making progress again, I'll feel more confident!

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