A stranger…

I’ve been a stranger.  I know.  We’ve got a lot going on here lately.   I’ve been really down about Boone dying but I’m finally starting to to pull out of it.  I’ll do a little catch up at least. 

Our sad little garden is half in.  We planted potatoes, crowder peas and rattlesnake beans (an old school green bean variety).  Half of them came up; I think I’m going to re-seed.  I’ve also planted a row of regular green beans.  None up yet.  We have plans for tomatoes and peppers but nothing yet.  Every time Hunter plows a row, it rains.  Then we have to wait for the lovely clay soil to dry back out enough to re-till it.  I think that’s the problem with the beans.  It rained after we got the seeds in.  I sure hope the family garden does well.  I really want to put up a lot of food this summer for the rest of the year.

I have a ton of herbs probably dying in the greenhouse but no time to get them in the ground.  Basil, parsley, cilantro, dill.  But on a positive note, my oregano and sage came back along with the chives and rosemary.  I thought I’d lost them this year…they looked so bad…but they popped up again! 

The chickens…oh the chickens.  Right now, it’s a nasty mess.  First, two surprises….we got more chickens.  Surprise!  I know, I know.  I bought 12 more chickens back in March and then a friend bought 2 of them.  So, now we have 15 hens.  Mr. Red is no longer with us.  I’ll share more on that later.  And….we have 4 ducks.  Stupid, nasty, always makes a mess ducks.  My brother thought they’d be a GREAT addition to our menagerie.  Yeah.  Great.  But, they’re nearly big enough to release to the yard so that’ll be happening pretty soon.  The young hens should start laying by July.  I’ve been selling a few eggs through Craigslist but when the girls start laying, I need to really sell some eggs!  lol.  I’ll post some pictures soon of the new girls and the stupid ducks. 

The house remodel is raging on.  Well, the clean out is.  I’m nearly done.  Next week, I think I can have it finished.  We have a bunch of stuff to move up to my parents house but most of the junk is out.  Then we’ll do the demo and start rebuilding.  We’re fairly sure we have termites though so now we need to check that out too.  Meanwhile, we are growing to hate Home Depot because it just causes an argument.  🙂

The kids finished up preschool, tball and Awanas for the summer!  FREEDOM!  Hallelujah and amen.  Of course, we have a week of swimming lessons in 2 weeks but I’m looking forward to that. 

JL’s birthday party is in the works.  It’s at a local water park with a friend’s daughter.  I think they’ll have a blast.

I am starting a program to eventually earn my teaching certificate in the fall.  Gulp.  We think that, if I’m going to have to work, this would at least allow me to get on their schedule which would be so nice. 

Business is going really well right now.  We’re so thankful. 

I set up a blog for my dad’s business and am working on one for Hunter now.  Lots of time, even in little ol’ blogger.  Much frustration but its coming along. 

Work has been incredibly busy for me as well.  Luckily, it is “starting” to slow down. 

So, don’t give up on me.  I’m here and visiting and reading, just not commenting like I usually do.  I’ll be back to it soon, if the house remodel and all this craziness doesn’t put me in the ground first!



One thought on “A stranger…

  1. I've been a bit overwhelmed too. Hang in there. It will come. Congrats on the teaching certificate decision! I have mine as well. For me, it was a lot of staying after school hours, but I was teaching Language Arts and the state requirements were demanding for that subject. Other teachers/subjects got out on time. 🙂 Teaching is a very rewarding/demanding job. Blessings to you!

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