Remodel List

This really long list is everything that has to be done in the house we’re remodeling.  If you missed the post detailing why and where we’re moving, you can read that here.  I’m going to list room by room.  And yes, I’m totally a LIST PERSON.  I have all kinds of lists.

Repair water damage at back door—replace door and sill and siding under door
Repair siding damage at corner of screened porch
Repair small hole at vent on screened porch
Repair ceiling on screened porch (it just needs to be re-attached)
Remove all downed/dead trees from the tornado
Fence in back yard for dogs and kids
Build new chicken coop
Replace all entry doors (3 of them total)

Inside (all the way through):
Replace flooring
Paint walls and ceilings
New ceiling fans/light fixtures
Possibly new trim?
Possibly new doors (may be down the road)

Possible subfloor repair
Tile, laminate, or cork?  I want cork but laminate may be our budget friendly option.

Replace damaged subfloor from frig waterline leak
Replace bottom cabinets
New gas stove (Hunter wants to change to electric…we disagree…but there’s a gas line issue that might make that decision for us)
Decide whether to paint or sand/try to match stain on new bottom cabinets
Possibly shorten wall between living room and kitchen
Add a bar to end of cabinets
New light above kitchen table
NEW KITCHEN TABLE…we’re building it dang it.  I am NOT moving this one.

Living Room:
Repair ceiling where Wayne fell thru putting on new metal roof
Possible subfloor repair from above frig leak
New mantle? (maybe down the road)

Small bath:
Replace vanity and sink
Replace toilet
Tile floor
Remove wallpaper before painting
New light fixtures
New faucets

First bedroom (my brother’s):
in good shape minus flooring and paint and new ceiling fan

Second bedroom (mine):
Same as my brother’s we think

Same as other two we think

Master bath:
Oh boy…
Replace subfloor(leaking toilet) BIG hole from collapse just before they moved. 
Tile floor
Remove wallpaper before painting
Replace toilet
Replace vanity/sink
Replace all light fixtures and faucets

Potential addition:
Close in screened porch
Stain floor or put down cork flooring
Walls up
Hang cabinet above freezers for canning/food storage

Other Potential issues:
New duct work?
New furnace (a must we’re thinking)

If we close in the porch, the outside of the house will have to be painted fairly quickly.  It needs it anyway so that’s not a bad thing. We WILL pay someone to paint the outside. 

Hunter will also go ahead and add a 10 x 10 deck on the back so we’ll have somewhere to grill. We’re hoping in another year to put a deck all the way down the back of the house, add two French Doors from the kitchen and a door from our bedroom onto the deck.  We have other plans for the yard/walkway but we’ll get into those once we’re settled. 

Overwhelmed yet?


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