I’m been putting off telling yall about this.  I don’t know why.  I tell you every blessed thing else most of the time.  I ramble on and on and you read and comment and make me happy.  So, I’m about to dump some news on yall. 

We’ve decided to move and put our house up for sale. 


Here’s why in a nutshell, if you will.  The past 2 years have been incredibly difficult and stressful for us financially.  We’re doing ok but we have come to realize that we are just maxed out.  Completely.  Work picked up this spring, thank you Lord, and things are rocking along but we also realize that slow times will be back once the summer heat hits and then it’ll happen again in the winter.  In the past we’ve been able to rely on other funds, big jobs coming up, etc, etc, etc but now its just tight for everyone.  And their funds have all dried up too.  Added to that is the fact that we’re still waiting on a budget where I work, and we’ll probably have shortened work weeks…i.e. I’ll have a smaller paycheck too.

For the past few months, we’ve been talking, considering and planning.  We rounded up prices at the local home improvement stores and talked with my parents.  You see, they moved out of my childhood home and into another house they’d purchased up the street for my brother a few years ago (he’s since remarried and moved into his wife’s house) after my mom had knee surgery.  She had a really difficult time getting into and out of the old house.  Rough terrain and high steps into and out of the house.  So, we approached my dad about remodeling the house and then renting it from them. 

My dad was for it.  We will remodel out of our pocket and then won’t pay rent until the costs of the remodel are re-cooped.  Not only will this help us so much, but they will also be able to take the rent we pay and lower their mortgage on their current house.  Rent will be significantly cheaper than our mortgage.  Hunter and I really feel like, if we do this, we can be debt free in less than 3 years except possibly a car payment when my car does die.  We also feel like we’ll be able to save up to buy land sooner and eventually build our own house.  That’s incentives, right?!? 

I’m excited.  How often do you get to remodel your childhood home?  It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with a fireplace that already has a wood stove insert in it.  There is a dirt basement so we are losing space but that is ok with us.  In addition, there is a (former) screened porch that we’re talking about closing in for additional room.  That may have to wait until after we’ve settled though.  We’ll see how we do on the budget.

I’ve been cleaning out for about 3 weeks now  (which is why I’m lacking in posts…I typically write a good bit on Fridays and now Fridays are cleaning day) and its also A LOT of work to clean out 35 years of stuff.  When the moved, they took things slowly so there’s a ton of stuff left.  A ton. I’m probably about half done.  I have two rooms left.  To put this delicately, my mom has a clothes problem.  Like, she could open a store with the clothes she has.  So,there is so much to sort through.  It’s ridiculous.  Its not wonder I hate to shop.  I foresee a large yard sale in May or June!   

And to prove that it’s been 2 or years since anyone has inhabited the house, last Friday I pulled out two blankets from one of the closets on Friday and A FRIGGIN’ LIVE SNAKE fell out.  Did yall hear me scream?  I’m certain you probably did.  And did you see me run into the hall door trying to get away?  I hate snakes…terrified of them.  Throat closes and nearly passes out scared.  NOT COOL.  I called my dad screaming and made him come and get it (it was a black snake he told me, like that makes a hill of beans to me) and I refuse to finish that closet OR my brother’s old closet since it backs up to that one.  I.don’  Snakes are beyond me.   Someone else will do those closets.  It took like 40 minutes for the chills to go away and we won’t talk about the paranoia from then on.  Oh, laugh all you want.  I’m sure you got a kick out of this.  I, however, did not. 

That’s our news!  A new home and a remodel is in the works!  I should answer the obvious questions.  Yes, we are going to put our house up for sale toward the end of summer, after we move.  And yes, I know it’s not good to show an empty house but I also know that there is no way I can get it clean and keep it clean, do this remodel, maintain our lives, survive t-ball, Awanas, and swimming lessons.  I’m already praying for a buyer.  We’re hoping and praying it will sell and sell quickly.  I’m just grateful that we have somewhere we can move that is in the same area (6 miles) and on the same street as my family.  Most of them anyway.  

I’ll be sharing pictures and plans over the next few weeks (including our budget which will be fun and force me into some accountability) and DEFINITELY looking for decorating/remodeling advice!  I should have another post up this week with a list of everything that has to be done before we move in.  It’ll be fun to document this on the blog as we go along. 

Right now, we are planning to move in September hopefully.

Have you ever made a drastic decision like this and survived?  Who’s remodeled a house? 


4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. So exciting! The snake woulda scared the Bejezees outta me! It sounds like an adventure. The chance to live in a house so full of memories while becoming debt free. God is awesome.

  2. Wow — what a story, with that snake and all. I think I would have died on the spot! I lived in my grandparents' house for several years when we were first married. We did some cosmetic remodeling…nothing huge. It was so warm and comforting to be surrounded by so many wonderful memories. And now my sister and her husband live there! It's the house that keeps on giving!BTW, I loved your post below about Mount Laundry!

  3. Lara, He IS awesome. I tell Hunter all the time how much it overwhelmes me to see us provided for again and again.Hi Graceful! Love that yall had a "family house" as we call it too. There's just something so special and comforting about knowing that you have that place to go. When we moved back home, we lived in MY grandparents house for a year. A Sears kit home with plaster walls, a horrible gas furnance, leaky windows and a chimney that smoked. I loved being there. We discovered unfinished pine floors under the threadbare carpet and lots of memories were made. I brought my first baby home to that house. I'll never, ever forget that.

  4. Hi there! I wandered over here from Graceful and wanted to say hello 🙂 Congrats to you for facing what your needs are, having the Faith and taking the leap with your house decisions. I've never been in quite the same boat as you, but 6 years ago, my husband and I were living in Pennsylvania and finally realized we needed to follow our hearts and move to a more rural area that supported our core beliefs. Fast forward to today and I'm a happy Vermonter living in a teeny town, getting my milk from the local farmer and having to drive over 20 minutes to get to any type of store besides the general store. It's perfect for us and I hope it encourages you to know that with determination and God's great love, all things are possible 🙂

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