More often than not…

More often than not…

There’s a gigantic pile of dirty laundry in our house.  (I’m not talking about one of those cutesy baskets either…a GIANT pile that’s shameful.)

There’s a gigantic pile of clean laundry waiting to be folded or put away.
There’s dirt on the floor because I haven’t swept.  Or mopped…in centuries it feels like

I often hope no one comes by because I don’t want them to see our house.

There are clothes on hangers, waiting to be put in the closet.

There are piles of shoes next to the front door. (How many pairs of boots does one family need? And flip flops and Crocs…Lord help me)

There are small bits of trash scattered in the yard because of the puppy.

There’s debris from Hunter’s latest job.

There are weeds in the beds, beds that need pine straw and, ok, a dead plant or two we haven’t pulled up.

There’s a quick supper because I’d rather be outside with the kids.
There are dishes in the sink because I choose to get in the bath tub instead and read a book.

There’s dust…because I don’t do it.

There’s yelling because of “selective hearing” as we call it.

But, do you know what I’m coming to realize?

There’s laughter because the boys are wrestling…dirty floor and all.

There are clean clothes to wear and shoes to put on our feet, even if we pull them out of the basket.

There’s yelling as they conquer the Mount Laundry.

There’s peace because I did take a few minutes for myself instead of trying to be the perfect wife and mother.

That it really doesn’t matter how much I sweep, we’ll just track it all back in anyway in 30 minutes. Just get to it as I can.

There’s good food, regardless of whether or not its 100% homemade or 0% not homemade, and regardless of whether the dishes pile up.

Debris is a sign of work….who’s to complain?

There’s a really cute, demonic puppy that’s going to destroy any beds I try to fix, pee on anything I plant, eat my flowers, and just pull out more junk to “play” with.

There’s good, true friends and family who don’t really care what your house looks like. They came to see YOU.

The important things stand out more so now than ever. I’m learning to let go, to care less about what others think and more about what my husband and my kids think and to just laugh and love more. Those are the things that I will remember in 30 years, not that I got the dishes done and the floor swept on April 8th (although I did manage to accomplish this yesterday afternoon!  And mopping).

More often than not, I am embracing the small things, loving the (loosely) controlled chaos of my life, counting my gratitudes and loving this life that I’ve been given….

(from my 1000 Gifts (Gratitudes) list)
#20 sticky kisses from sweet lips
#21 watching the boys with their grandparents and seeing the love
#22 seeing JP play his first tball game oh so excited he was!
#23 really noticing the moon phases this month and enjoying God’s show
#24 rough hands rubbing my arm in church and him leaning over to whisper that I look beautiful
#27 my herb seeds growing!



2 thoughts on “More often than not…

  1. Thanks for this. I needed to hear this today. Coming to terms with what people think I should be and what I am. I've been feeling so guilty about the house and things since I started the childbirth teaching. It's been hard. This made my day!

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