The Funds

The Funds…if you hang around here any length of time, you’ll probably see me refer to them from time to time.  The Funds are my spare change funds.  Yes, funds…not one single fund.  It seems like such a tiny thing…to save your pennies…and that it won’t add up but IT DOES.  I have lots of funds.  My friends think I’m CRAZY with all my “rules” for the funds but it works for me!   Anyway, I thought I’d share a little about my funds.

There’s the Vacation Fund.  It’s a jar upstairs in the bedroom.  Any change I find upstairs that JP and JL don’t get their grubby hands on goes in there.  I’ll roll it up at vacation time for our spending money.  It’s a slow growing fund since we rarely change clothes upstairs though.

There’s the Carrie Fund.  It’s all the change I find in the laundry.  I have a jar and I store it up.  I roll it up when there’s something I want (or we want).  Hunter steals from it but I’m ok with that…half the time.  The other half the time, I’m fussing at him about it.  I tell him it’s my fee for doing the ridiculous amount of laundry that we generate. 

There’s the Random Change Fund.  Any change we pick up off counters, floors, and couches goes in there.  Its the Sunday paper fund or the “we need a can of Rotel fund from the Dollar General (the only store in our little town).  Blow money if you will.  It’s easily accessible in the kitchen cabinet so to keep Hunter out of my fund.

I have a Secret Stash Camera Fund that I am NOT telling you where it is.  If I find high dollar paper money in the washer, it goes in there…high dollar being $5 or greater!  Unfortunately, it has about $4 in it right now as I used it to buy the boys a wagon for Christmas instead.  Priorities, ya know.

I’m also saving all my Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks or any survey money I may make (here’s two survey sites that I’m having some luck with here and here when I feel like playing along) for the camera fund.  With both Swagbucks and Surveyhead, you can get paid directly into a Paypal account so I have a little bit stashed over there as well.

And now…the Bow Fund.  I guess that’s going to come from all the change I steal from Hunter’s “just emptied his pockets” bowls.  I’ll just have to pick through the pinestraw, the irrigation parts, the tips for arrows (OUCH) and whatever else junk he brings home, and then change from the car and my purse.  I still need to set this one up.  I foresee a glass jar in the bathroom soon.  Maybe Hunter will be more willing to contribute!

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?  Am I a complete loon?  My friends all laugh at me because I have rules about where the money comes from and which funds can be stolen from.  I’m structured like that.  HA!  I used to think people were crazy for saving change like this and then I paid for a vacation using change before we were married, I saved up about $300 for spending money another time for another vacation and bought my beloved Maclaren stroller using more of my change money.  I’m a believer now!  And since our budget is so tight, this is our fun money.   

So, do you have Funds?  How do you save for those out of budget things you want?  Do you save your change?


(Disclaimer:  if you click on my Swagbucks link and join through my referral link, I’ll get “credit” for your joining…just a PSA.  It’s a fun little way to earn gift cards and other stuff so if you haven’t tried it, this is your nudge!  I hope you’ll let me refer you!  Save those points up for Christmas or cash them in a little at a time…and all you’re doing is your regular web searches).

1 thought on “The Funds

  1. OK, the Nester recommended this blog and I immediately thought of you! If you notice in her side bar, you can even sort projects by cost (including just using scrap wood)… I am going to talk to my dad and look at building the girls the kitchen. We sold their plastic Little Tykes kitchen b/c we had to put up the baby's crib in the playroom and there wasn't room anymore. Not to mention, they always want to play kitchen in my kitchen which means it only makes sense to have a play kitchen along the wall in my dining room off of our kitchen so we can all 'cook' together. And now I'm rambling. Enjoy!!!

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