Reason #8,951 that I Love to Thrift


Do yall know how many times I’ve looked at these jars in the grocery store and walked away?  They’re so…pretty!  But economical?  No.














SIGGGHHHHHHHHH…I can just picture them full of strawberry or blackberry preserves or honey butter.  What IS it about Mason jars that make me smile and feel all homey on the inside?

The best part?
Regularly priced on Amazon:  5.95 for 4 jars.

I paid $4 for 8 of them!  I’m in love.  And I’m kicking myself for not buying the other 4.

Canning, organizing, something crafty…endless possibilities!  Maybe even filled with bath salts at Christmas???

This is all so new to me…I haven’t always been a thrifter to be honest and I used to turn my nose up at thrift stores and yard sales.  BUT, consignment sales and then some real deals have opened my eyes!  If you remember, I scored these babies at a yard sale last year.  And they’re still my favorite place to sit!  They’re the reason I’m hooked.

I can actually sale that I referred to spring and summer as “yard sale season” the other day and felt a bit of glee!

Do you thrift?  What’s been your best deal?


5 thoughts on “Reason #8,951 that I Love to Thrift

  1. Lara, I fear it's becoming an addiction!Kelli, I'd love the same things! I wish I'd find a really nice pressure canner! I do pick up some good clothes here and there. I have to be in the mood though.

  2. LOVE Mason jars! The possibilities are endless! I like to just look at empty ones and think of all the things I could do with them! My Aunt uses them for drinking glasses – talk about nostalgia!

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