Now, I know that most of the country just wishes the snow would go away.  I know.  But…

I LOVE IT!  And it finally snowed here for us this weekend!  We’ve gotten a couple of dustings here and there but no accumulation.  Not this time.  In my area, we ended up with between 3-4 inches of the beautiful, white, powdery stuff. 

I had planned a Valentine’s Day post but it just didn’t happen with church.  Hunter knows I love him.  And I really wanted to link up to Deidra’s Love Story (go and read!)  But, I ran out of time.

Instead, I’m going to quickly post a few of my favorite pictures.  More will come tonight. 🙂


(Not a snow fan)


(Can you see the irritation on her blurry face???)



IMG_4272 (Trouble…)

IMG_4253 (Do NOT eat this snow!)

And these are where I was playing with the camera.  I like them!





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