Yes, I did.


I think the chickens were digging the pink polka dots.



4 thoughts on “Yes, I did.

  1. LOL! When it is warm we feed the horses in all manner of pajamas and footwear. When it is cold, the snow pants make us appear a little more appropriate. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Lovin' it – I think my best was when I was 8 mos. preggers w/ my now-2-yr-old. I was wearing a zebra-stripe tankini while sitting in a baby pool b/c it was hotter than blazes in Aug. I heard a cow bellowin' cuz she'd lost her calf and went to investigate so I threw the boots on. About that time, the FIL came back from mowin' hay and about fell off the tractor laughing so hard. "There's a zebra chasing the cows!!!"

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