A chicken update

I know I haven’t done an update in quite a while on my adventures in raising chickens.  They’re all still with us despite my cats stalking them constantly.

I have bought 2 bags of feed for about $12 each.  I lucked out for a while with free feed from my dad but his feed started to mold and I guess the quality of the feed really declined as well.  With the cold weather and then the bad feed, the hens stopped laying all together.  I was worried!

I switched back to “bought feed” and within 3 days, we had a couple more eggs.  Now, most days we’re at 4 out of 5 possible eggs!  I went from almost being out of eggs to having 3 dozen eggs in the frig very quickly.  Thank goodness. 

My mom gave me a little bit of money for my birthday (which she shouldn’t have) and told me to buy myself something.  Don’t tell her but I bought a 3.5 gallon chicken waterer!  I found it on sale at Tractor Supply for $15 and I was so excited.  You have no idea how annoying a 1 gallon waterer is when it’s 10 degrees outside and it’s frozen! I’m quite the happy camper with my purchase but Mama would not be impressed!  (I also bought me a new travel mug as Hunter has LOST every single one we had…this one is pink (not my favorite color) but I’m hoping that’ll keep him from trying to steal it). 

I’ve really enjoyed having the chickens though I dread cleaning out the bedding when it dries out.  I love having fresh eggs.  Hunter and I have been talking about my getting more chickens.  I feel like I can sell the excess eggs pretty easily between farmers markets and craigslist.  I’m still thinking on it but I want to do it.  I want to buy more chicks this year and maybe in another year, we can build a small incubator to try out.  Hunter’s not so sure about that! 

I’m so jealous of Christy at Farm Dream’s Mille Fleurs but I can’t seem to find any to get locally (unless she decides to raise them…hint).  Even though I have looked at McMurray’s and would love some Red Stars, I’ll probably end up buying at Tractor Supply if I can’t find someone local who can sex the chicks for me.  I don’t need 25 little ones at a time and that’s the minimum from McMurray’s.  And, I WANT NO MORE ROOSTERS!  I’m thinking of selling Mr. Red as it is, the devil.  He doesn’t bother me much but he does not care for my Dad or Hunter; they’re worried that he make take a disliking to my boys and then Mama Bear would have to come out and have a Come to Jesus Meeting with him…again.  hahaha.  All that testosterone…

Besides Christy, does anyone else have chickens?  What kind do you have?  Does anyone sell their eggs?  I’d love some feedback!



5 thoughts on “A chicken update

  1. i have no advice…My neighbors have TONS of chickens…They had Roosters as well but they were GONE after a while because they were trying to take over!! I know she raised them from little chicks and get enough eggs to give to family, friends, and herself.

  2. That's my plan! Family and friends and then sell any I have left. Of course, my weird friends don't eat brown eggs….weirdos! I've explained they taste the same!

  3. I was warned! It started last year with a 7 chicks and then there was 15 and then 20 and….well you get the picture. I now have 38 chickens (3 roosters, the rest are hens) and have a broody sitting on her first clutch. I tell you it's a sickness! Stop now, turn back! It's only February and I'm getting around 16 eggs a day. What happens when they get up to full production???Of course, I have loved every minute of it. I live near Christy and this past Sunday we had the Great Chicken Exchange. Lot's of fun. As for the eggs, I have about 10 co-workers that are buying from me right now. I also plan to post on Craigs List and talk to a local coop. Have fun!Sandy

  4. We have a rooster and three hens at the barn and one rooster and a hen that run around the house. The house birds are for baby making, the others are for eggs. We haven't gotten any eggs yet and we've had the birds since September or October. 😦 Hopefully, we'll start getting them by Spring. We hope to eventually start selling eggs.

  5. Oh Sandy! You are NOT helping! So glad to have another local blogger around!Kelli, do you think you'll have enough eggs to sell with 4 hens or are you planning on getting more?

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