My dream table

I’ve been lusting after this table for several weeks now, ever since I saw it on the lovely world wide web.

Photo from Restoration Hardware via Knockoff Wood

It’s from Restoration Hardware and OUT.OF.MY.LEAGUE.  I LOVE it.  Love it.  What I don’t love is the price tag.  I think they want like $2,000 for this table that looks like it’s made out of salvaged wood!  Seriously?  What planet do they live on?  Anyway, my only changes would be taking out that bottom shelf of the table and making it narrower so chairs will fit.  It also looks like it might sit a little high.  Not sure.

Then I found Ana.  She’s all the buzz here lately on blogs but I’ve been following her a while.  Her blog is called Knockoff Wood.  The girl rocks!  She builds this stuff for next to nothing and shares the plans.   For FREE.  Stop the world. 

Ever since I found Ana’s website, I’ve been in love.  Here’s her version of the table.

ana's table
Photo from Knockoff Wood blog

See what I mean?  Doesn’t she ROCK???  She built her table from scrap wood for less than $10Yep, you read that right.  That’s the link to the plans.  $10 stinking dollars.  Can you believe it?  I’m in awe.  I like how she narrowed the bottom level of the table but I think I want it a little bit wider.  Narrower than the top picture, wider than this one.  I’m not hard to please, am I?

Here are my tables I want for next to our bed.  (Notice the “my” in that sentence.)

pottery barn hyde side table 1
Photo from Pottery Barn via Knockoff Wood

Nice, simple and open.  Works for me.  Except I want a little shelf underneath so I can have a basket to hide my junk!

I have all KINDS of projects bookmarked for Hunter from Ana’s site.  He no longer wants to see all this furniture I want!  But seriously Babe?  We can do the kitchen table for around $100.  Our table is falling apart.

Yall have got to go and check her out. 



4 thoughts on “My dream table

  1. When I saw the first table, I thought "you could make that". I'm glad that you actually can! I think her table looks a lot nicer than the RH table. Thanks for the link to Ana's site! Off to find things to add to my honeydo list. 😀

  2. Isn't that always the way??? One idea blossoms into 5000! I wish I knew how to do it myself! I'm impatient to begin even though I know we need to save up the money.Alea, have fun searching! I guess with that massive move, you'll have plenty to plan for!

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