Eat from the Pantry: Week 3 and Week 4!

Another late one.  Well, only late for Week 3.  Early for Week 4.  🙂

These are the menu ideas I posted originally:
Hamburger Helper (1 left still)
Chicken and rice
Dried Pintos in crock and cornbread, deer tenderloin
Lemon Pepper Chicken
White Chili
Breakfast for supper
Mac-n-cheese with burger in it
Salsa Chicken in crock
Potato Soup
Pizza Casserole (Hunter’s birthday meal EVERY year)
Pork Ham in crock
BBQ from ham leftovers

Marlboro Man sandwiches
Veggie/Deer stew
Deer Roast in crock into BBQ
Pork Chops and Mashed Potatoes (last night)
Homemade Pizza We had pizza casserole instead
Chicken Spaghetti (in freezer already)
Mexican! (Tacos or fajitas…we have ingredients for both)

I have no idea what we ate!  I only marked off 2 meals.  Hunter and the boys did eat the lonely frozen pizza on Saturday night since I had to work. 

One confession though…we ate out last night.  Dollar menu city.  Church night and two tired parents who finally gave up and ate out for the FIRST time all month!  GO US!!!!

Walmart:  $15.07 on Thursday (last week) for milk, bread, cheese, diapers, bananas and…I can’t remember the rest and I can’t find my receipt.  Actually the diapers were FREE.  I won a coupon on the Huggies website for a free pack.  Quite handy.
DG:  Hunter spent $7.50 for bread and milk and coffee
Total for week:  22.57!!!!

So, my monthly totals are:
Food:  82.99
Pets:  16.54

Shoot.  I just remembered something.   To stay truthful, I ate out on Friday at lunch.  We had a conference at work and it was Lunch on Your Own.  It was around $7.  Add that to our food budget:  90.99!

Woohoowoohoowoohoowoohoo!!!  I realize that technically we have until Saturday (my birthday so it does.not.count in this since I am going out with friends!) and Sunday but I’m not going to the store so that’s it.  WE DID IT!!!  Can I just say how proud I am of us?  I never dreamed we’d make it this far.  And for about 90% of this adventure, we used cash to pay for our groceries instead of our debit.  Another new one for us.

Now, yall know I am going to the grocery store at some point this weekend don’t you?!?  LOL!!!  I have so much to restock but I am going to keep it reasonable since we need to stick to a tight budget anyway.  But it will be nice to have a few convenience foods back on the shelves.  And, of course, the animals all need feed. 

Overall, we cleaned out our pantry a good bit and proved to ourselves that we COULD do this.  Maybe we’ll try to do this a couple of times a year to clean out the pantry and remind ourselves how blessed we are with our full pantry.

Anyone else try this?  I’d love to hear some updates!


1 thought on “Eat from the Pantry: Week 3 and Week 4!

  1. Way to go!!!!! I knew you could do it. We haven't done anything this extreme in a while, but we did pretty well this month on our grocery budget (I think we came $50 under budget or so?)… Like I think I told you before, we have been in super tight places before and I think those times remind you just how simple life can be and how truly blessed we are. Sure it is fun to try new recipes, shop for fun ingredients, etc… but sometimes when you get back to basics you find new appreciation for things. I haven't been able to do much baking lately and sometimes I forget how easy it really is to be able to come up with something wonderful all out of the baking ingredients that I already have in my pantry.

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