How I cook a deer roast in the crock

Jilly asked how I cooked my deer roast in a crock in the comments last week.  It’s been crazy busy around here so I’m just getting around to answering! 

When I first started cooking venison, I always overcooked it.  Everything you see recommends that you cook it to beef-well temperatures.  I’d cook the heck out of a roast in the crock and it always came out dry and tough!  I’d all but given up on deer roasts but Hunter was surfing one night and found a website from a guy who cooks a lot of venison (he has NO idea what the website is now-Sorry!)  This guy was adamant that venison cooked well done should be cooked to around 150 degrees, not 180 degrees!  We decided to experiment with the temperature to see if we felt the meat was done at 150 degrees and it is!  It’s the correct temperature for a juicy roast that is cooked. It will have a very slight pinkish hue to it like a medium well beef I think (I’m a well-done kind of girl and I’ll eat this).

I don’t tend to follow a lot of recipes to a tee but here’s what I often do.

1 3-4lb venison roast (or larger if you’ve got a big one!)
1 small-medium onion sliced up
1 cube each of beef and chicken bouillon (or just whatever you have)
onion powder and garlic pepper (homemade mix)
Water (to cover the roast with)

Cook it on low for 6-8 hours (longer for a bigger roast), depending on your crock.  I’ve put the roast in there completely frozen before and it’ll cook just fine, it just takes longer.  Cooking on high will dry it out.  It will.  Venison needs a slow cook, in my opinion, in the crock and in a smoker. 

I wish I had more to offer!  I do add potatoes and carrots from time to time but we often eat the roast as is the first night and then the second night, we make barbeque sandwiches depending on how much is leftover.

Let me know if you try it!


1 thought on “How I cook a deer roast in the crock

  1. Oh, thank you. I sure cooked that baby on high!!! Saying it was TOUGH is an understatement.I'll give it another try. Mr. Wonderful wasn't able to go deer hunting this year, due to me being ill. But his folks and brother each gave us some while we were visiting. I can't ruin this one, LOL. Didn't realize how spoiled I had become not having to buy meat or fish. Sure saves us a ton. Working on Mr. Wonderful and a friend going out there this year for a turkey. Thanks again,Blessings, Jilly

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