Eat from the Pantry: Week 2

It’s a late update on Week 2 of our Eat from the Pantry Challenge.  It’s been a long and rough week and a half for us and to be honest, I just haven’t felt that anything I posted was more important than what’s going on in Haiti.  My heart hurts for those poor, poor families.

So, anyway, here’s my update.

These are the menu ideas I posted originally:
Hamburger Helper (1 left still)
Chicken and rice
Dried Pintos in crock and cornbread, deer tenderloin
Lemon Pepper Chicken
White Chili
Breakfast for supper
Mac-n-cheese with burger in it
Salsa Chicken in crock
Potato Soup
Pizza Casserole (Hunter’s birthday meal EVERY year)
Pork Ham in crock
BBQ from ham leftovers

Marlboro Man sandwiches
Veggie/Deer stew
Deer Roast in crock into BBQ
Pork Chops and Mashed Potatoes (last night)
Homemade Pizza
Chicken Spaghetti (in freezer already)
Mexican! (Tacos or fajitas…we have ingredients for both)

We’re not doing too bad, food-wise.  We still have a good bit in our pantry. 

Now, for the budget…

Walmart:  7.46 (diapers)
Walmart:  25.12 (color safe bleach, bread, detergent, 5lb potatoes, kids soap, sliced cheese, BBQ sauce, shredded cheese, coffee, bananas
DG:  Ginger Ale 0.77
Kroger:  6.81 (2 gallons of milk, 2 10-packs of instant oatmeal, 2 packages of tuna, 2 instant potato packages, 1 Warm Delight—the milk was $4 so I got ALL of the rest of it for 2.81!!!!!!)
TOTAL for week:  39.39
I also need to add a 20lb bag of dog food for Boone to my pet total–around $11 with my coupon.

I’m over.  I KNOW it.  Because I need to justify to myself, JL broke out with a stomach virus over the weekend (which is another reason why there have been no posts) and I had to wash every blessed thing on his bed, including all of his pillows and stuffed animals, and that used up all of my detergent.  And I needed the color safe bleach for the above mentioned bedding and I had none.  Without that, I would have been in pretty good shape…around $33 I guess. 

So, my monthly totals are:
Food:  60.42
Pets:  16.54

That leaves us about $40 to get through until the end of the month on food and household items!

Yall think we’ll make it? 


4 thoughts on “Eat from the Pantry: Week 2

  1. You'll make it. As my Mom use to say, "well its beans and rice for the rest of the month." She said that alot. Funny thing, I don't remember eating rice and beans. Loved rice and milk with cinnamon. Can you do a post on how to cook the deer roast in the crock pot. Last time I did it, it came out tough.Blessings,Jilly

  2. Yes, you can make it! That's awesome. This month there is too much month at the end of the money for us. That trip to Trader Joe's did it for me. hehe

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