Week 1 Budget Update:

Ok, I decided to do a separate Week 2 update since I’m pretty sure we’ll go over.  That Boone…nearly out of food AGAIN.

Week one: 
Groceries/Household:  15.53 + 5.50:  21.03!!!!
Pets:  6.14

I decided that I’m going to separate pet/feed items.  They only get 1 food so it’s not like they can make do or anything.  I just posted it to keep it true to form since I originally thought I could keep it all together like I have in the past. 

We came in under budget!!!!  I had to buy diapers for our house, dishwasher detergent (Yall, it’s been A YEAR since I bought any—I got a bunch free last year with coupons and then MIL hooked us up around April with even more!), and bread.  Hunter stopped on Friday at a Discount Bakery store he passed and picked up bread, rolls and hoagie buns so that’s the extra $5.50. 

Not too shabby for Week 1.  Week 2 may be a dud though.  I had to get diapers for the sitter and a few things we ran out of.  Sigh…But I have until the end of the week before I have to confess THAT to yall. 

I want to add that if you haven’t tried The Pioneer Woman’s White Chili, please do!  It’s worth it.  Hunter and I have really enjoyed it last night and today.  It reminds me of the Chicken Tortilla soup at McAlister’s Deli if there’s one of those near you.


1 thought on “Week 1 Budget Update:

  1. hey, i wanted to let you know that you need to take a shot at making the meatballs. ground beef + milk + oats + onions… very easy very yummy… then she has you make a sauce to put on top of them (basically barbeque sauce)… oh is it comfort food to the max. knowing you, you could probably make your ground venison work with the recipe with a little tweaking.

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